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Aria Casino Redefined Luxury in Las Vegas

The landscape of high-end resorts has changed in Las Vegas. In the event you drive down the world-famous Strip, you can nevertheless see the neon-covered buildings, but you could also notice that one of the newest resorts is actually a tiny various. There isn’t any over-the-top luxury pouring out of ARIA Resort & Casino, instead you can see a level of detail and sophistication that is elevating the Las Vegas resort experience.

ARIA is probably exactly what you envision when you hear the words “modern resort.” As you enter your room the curtains automatically open, lights come on and the TV greets you by name. It is called “The Welcome,” a beautiful display using just a small portion with the amazing on-property technology. Other modern touches include one of the largest corporate collections of publically displayed art in the country, a state-of-the-art ventilation system to combat air pollutants and even a “liquid fireworks” show called Lumia.

What truly sets ARIA apart as one unique luxury resort on the Las Vegas Strip is the level of detail. No matter where you look, there’s something worth seeing. Look up on the Casino Floor and notice how the beautiful leaf-like pattern of your panels on the roof actually defuses the light. Grab a drink at Jean Georges Steakhouse and admire the million-dollar wine wall. There are so many details that ARIA actually created a section on their website called “Things To See.”

Here are a few favorites:

Throughout the entire resort all of your plants and flowers used are real except for the never-ending forest at American Fish
The art piece Silver River by Maya Lin can be a scale replica in the Colorado River made of 100% recycled silver
The restaurant Sage has one of several largest absinthe collections in North America
Stones collected after the implosion of your Boardwalk Hotel & Casino were saved and used as decoration at Cafe Vettro
Each in the columns surrounding the ARIA Poker Room contain exactly 52 cards, a full deck

ARIA is much more then a hotel in Las Vegas. This Strip resort is helping usher in a new era of luxury resorts in a city known for glitz, glamour and entertainment.

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