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Catawba Tribe Wants South Carolina Casino

As South Carolina struggles to locate cash to spend to for wellness care for the poor and repair crumbling roads and bridges, Catawba Indian Nation Chief Bill Harris wants to remind the state that he includes a deal.

Let the tribe to open a casino, along with the Catawbas will not thoughts sharing millions of dollars in proceeds with the state, Harris stated.

Twenty years following signing a historic settlement agreement that created them South Carolina’s only federally recognized tribe and gave them a 700-acre reservation in York County, the Catawbas want the state and federal government to understand that they nonetheless should talk about challenges affecting the two,833-member tribe.

The 1993 settlement permitted the Catawbas to possess two bingo halls, which had been profitable to get a even though but fell apart because the state started a lottery and gambling choices became additional prevalent. Harris mentioned the state and federal government have to understand that the settlement wasn’t the finish of negotiations with his sovereign state, but only prevented a additional expensive court fight.

“It stopped a huge lawsuit, however it didn’t settle the challenges that existed in between the United states of america government, the state of South Carolina along with the Catawba Nation,” Harris mentioned.

The Catawbas say that if South Carolina stops fighting them, they may be prepared to negotiate exactly the best way to split up the hundreds of millions of dollars they feel they can make using a huge casino just south of Charlotte, N.C., and numerous miles in the nearest gambling hall. A lawsuit filed by the tribe suggests the state could collect more than $100 million a year from the Catawbas.

The money would aid the tribe, too. The Catawbas have their very own pre-kindergarten plan, environmental division, social services, and senior and housing applications. Twenty years immediately after the settlement, members are taking into consideration their own police force and justice system and would like to open a school for tribe members.

But state leaders remain steadfastly against allowing the Catawbas to expand gambling alternatives. You will find no bills in the Legislature to permit the tribe to run casino games, and Gov. Nikki Haley opposes the idea, saying you can find far better techniques to bring jobs and revenue towards the state.

“She believes South Carolina doesn’t have to settle and that there is certainly a better way,” spokesman Rob Godfrey said.

Harris stated he as well as other tribal leaders have attempted to meet with Haley through his initial 18 months in office, but that the governor hasn’t been in a position to match them in her schedule. The governor’s spokesman didn’t answer a query in regards to the schedule.

The Catawbas were not included within the federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act that allows other tribes to run casinos. Instead, the 1993 settlement using the state and federal governments permitted the Catawbas to open two bingo halls with prizes capped at $100,000.

The Catawbas opened 1 bingo hall in Rock Hill, which took in millions of dollars for a number of years prior to becoming swamped by competitors. The tribe’s existing push in court to obtain a casino centers on a clause within the 1993 settlement that allows the Catawbas the identical suitable to gambling as is allowed elsewhere in the state. For the reason that South Carolina allows casino boats to sail from state docks to international waters to gamble, the tribe says it need to be permitted casino games on sovereign land.

“We’re entitled to what ever the state authorizes,” Harris stated.

A lower court judge threw out the Catawbas suit, however the tribe is appealing.

Harris stated he thinks loads of the opposition to permitting the Catawbas a casino comes from the state’s expertise with video poker in the 1990s. Garish, cheap-looking parlors popped up along the state line with machines clicking and whirring in dimly lit rooms. Crime along with other challenges rose until the machines have been banned in the 1990s.

The Catawba chief mentioned the tribe’s casino would not be like that. But the video poker practical experience nonetheless jars lawmakers including Sen. Wes Hayes, whose York Nation district runs just west with the reservation.

“A great deal of people who may not have had an issue on a moral basis saw the complications we had with it on a sensible basis,” mentioned Hayes, R-Rock Hill.

Harris mentioned he has no plans to back down from the casino notion and won’t apologize for performing anything he thinks might aid his persons. The new chief took over after a close vote overturned all 5 positions on the Catawba’s Executive Committee. The new leaders are with a group of Catawbas who fought for greater than a decade to have more accountability in the those who have led the tribe given that the settlement. They are operating on a brand new constitution they plan to present for a vote before their four-year terms expire in 2015.

One of several chief’s most important ambitions is always to give his people greater financial possibilities. The figures for 2010 aren’t out yet, but 2000 Census information had the per capita income in the Catawbas at $11,096. The unemployment rate amongst the tribe is estimated to be double the existing South Carolina rate of 8.four percent.

The tribe features a job placement system and an employee who aids members put collectively resumes. But Harris said the tribe still does not have enough dollars to bring in possibilities for its people.

Harris insists the Catawbas will maintain fighting and will not let anyone run them more than. The tribe survived two little pox epidemics in the early 1700s and avoided becoming sent west under President Andrew Jackson’s Indian removal policies by fundamentally disbanding and providing up its 144,000 acres of land provided to them by the king of England. But the treaty was under no circumstances passed by the federal government, top 150 years later towards the lawsuit and 1993 settlement.

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