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Foxboro Casino Still Possible

While glad that the Kraft Group and Nevada casino mogul Steve Wynn “suspended” their bid to bring a resort casino to Foxboro final May possibly, some supporters and opponents alike are unsure the door to a Foxboro casino is locked shut, the town’s swing-vote selectman in that current battle maintains.

“I don’t feel this circumstance has gone away at all,” selectman Mark Sullivan mentioned Friday. “Until the gambling commission puts every one of the casino licenses in place, I think it’s going to normally be a concern. On either side — the ones that want it and the ones that never — nobody’s convinced it has gone away.”

Selectman Ginny Coppolo voiced a guarded view.

“Until these licenses are awarded, it might go anyplace. However the town, compared to other locations, is in very good shape financially. I never think we’ve hit the point exactly where we have to go begging anyone for cash.”

On Dec. 27, 2011, Foxboro selectmen voted 3 to two not to negotiate a host community agreement with Wynn. Sullivan cast the deciding no vote.

Coppola said this vote, taken just before she joined the board, upheld Foxboro’s 2004 zoning law prohibiting casino sort gambling in the town of Foxboro.

The Kraft Group and Wynn “suspended” their effort to bring a resort casino to Foxboro immediately after the hotly-contested May 2012 town elections.

Two selectmen’s candidates opposed to a Foxboro casino — Lorraine Brue and Coppola — were re-elected and elected, respectively, to workplace by a wide margin.

Larry Harrington, who favored consideration from the casino proposal, lost his seat, when candidate Martha Slattery, who backed Harrington, finished fourth inside the balloting..

“The vote reflected the will with the majority of your persons of Foxboro to help keep the 2004 by-law banning gambling in force,” Coppola stated.

Now, referring for the Kraft-owned land on Route 1, Coppola said, “I do not know what the plans are for that land.”

Coppola said the way the present law played out in Foxboro — permitting town leaders to say aye or nay to negotiating a host community deal — drew loads of focus from lawmakers in other communities, giving them a concrete instance with the significance of that local-control provision.

“Without that provision, we could have had a casino rammed down our throats,” she said of Foxboro.

For the state, Coppola mentioned, all that matters is siting casinos exactly where they’re going to bring inside the most revenue for the state. She stated there are actually economically depressed communities that will welcome a casino. “The Town of Foxboro and its environs are not economically depressed.”

Coppola stated, historically, some bills and amendments — generally minor in nature and pertaining to just one particular neighborhood — happen to be approved in informal session, but said public interest within the fate of casinos in Massachusetts, and in Foxboro, is so sturdy that any attempts to modify the law without having total evaluation could be foolish.

Coppola mentioned she’s unaware of any precise move to erase the neighborhood capability to reject a casino, but generally reminds folks that “It is simpler to amend a bill than to pass a bill,” and, as a result, has named upon her former colleagues at the State Property, on both sides on the aisle, to become watchful of prospective attempts to rewrite the legislation.

“The expanded gambling bill functioned because the legislature wrote it in regard to neighborhood protection, along with the accomplishment of drastic amendments deluding that protection would in all probability be slim.”

A Foxboro resident due to the fact 1979, Coppola represented the 1st Bristol District in the Statehouse from Feb. 2006 to January 2007. She followed within the seat of her late husband, Michael Coppola.

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