$40,000 Winner at Miami Club Online Casino

A Miami Club Casino player hits Stud Poker jackpot – $40000 from a $1 bet!

Long time Miami Club casino player Kathy from California hit the jackpot on September 13th when a $1 hand of poker landed a $40372.94 payout! Kathy, who normally plays video poker and slots at Miami took a stab at the Stud Poker game, a game she seldom plays, just for some thing different.

“I love the way these big jackpots appear on the screen, but I by no means truly believed I’d win 1! I play a great deal of video poker games and slots, I am not a big bettor generally, it’s just fun for me, I do not feel like I invest a great deal of money but I truly enjoy the experience. This was a total shock!”

Kathy was dealt a Royal Flush on only her sixth hand, from a single $1.00 Ante bet, plus she opted for the additional $1.00 to participate in the progressive jackpot.

“Imagine if I’d decided not to play the extra dollar! I’d have called the hand and doubled my stake – $2.00 additional on the call and I’d have got back an additional $3.00, instead I’m taking a look at a brand new kitchen along with a nice winter vacation!”

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