Are online casinos rigged?

Are online casinos rigged

One of the most common accusations against online casinos is that they are rigged. It can be easy to get that misconception. You cannot see the workings of the game you are playing, after all. It is just a computer program. However, there are ways of ensuring the websites you are playing on are fair. Sure, it is a bit of extra work. But, that effort will ensure the website you are playing in is not trying to cheat you from your winnings.

In this article, we will go over all the ways you can find safe online casinos. Keep in mind that an operator missing one or two of these things is not the end of the world. However, if they meet all of those requirements? Then you can know for sure you are in good hands. Join us as we dispel some myths and teach you how to find the best possible online casino.

licenses are important

One of the most important things for online casinos to have are licenses. Gambling regulators issue licenses and attach many caveats to them. Operators have to follow the rules set by gambling regulators if they want to keep their license. In turn, those rules make it difficult for websites to try to cheat players. Even if they try, players can reach out to the casino’s license holder for assistance. No games freezing or websites trying to hold out on wins in such cases!

If an online casino has an active license, it will display it somewhere on each page. Additionally, the regulator’s logo and license number will also be shown. You can usually click the logo to check the regulator’s website and ensure if the license is still active.

While not on the same level, players can also rely on trusted testing services such as eCOGRA, iTechLabs, and GLI. These companies test online casino games for fairness, ensuring the software the website hosts is not rigged. To pass their test, game results must be random, and the operator must not have an opportunity to affect the results. Websites that use testing services will also feature the logos of those companies on their home page.

reputable operators

Another essential part of online gaming security comes from operators. If we just look at licensed casinos, we might miss some super popular websites for US players. Bovada Casino, Cafe Casino, and SlotoCash Casino offer some of the best gaming experiences for Americans. However, none of these websites has an active license with any regulator. That is why reputation is essential for online casinos.

What ways can you use to check the reputation of a website or its parent company? You can use one of two methods. The first one is to check out reviews for that particular online casino. HyperCasinos reviews are available for all of the most popular websites that accept casino members from the USA.

Another option worth considering is seeking out the opinions of other players. We always look into the experiences of existing casino members when writing our reviews. We suggest doing the same before choosing to play anywhere. No operator is perfect, so some complaints are to be expected. Provided complaints are dealt with quickly or have legitimate reasons for being denied, the website is safe to play in.

can you beat bonuses?

A frequent question that comes up with casino skeptics is whether you can beat promotions offered by the casino. The typical story is that operators structure their bonuses in such a way you cannot beat them. Is there some truth to this story, or is it nothing more than another rumor?

Ultimately, the answer to this comes down to the online casino you choose to play in. Some operators will set their promotions to be nearly impossible to beat. However, a bit of common sense can usually help you sniff out bad offers. The best way to find whether a bonus offer is stacked against you is to check the bonus terms it offers. Online casinos that do not intend to let you win will usually include win limits or overtly complicated rules or wagering requirements.

However, some casinos doing this does not mean all bonuses are bad. If you stick to trusted and popular websites, you will usually get a fair promotion. Ultimately, whether or not you beat a bonus mostly comes down to luck. Cross your fingers, and hope Lady Luck smiles your way.

online casinos are more addictive

A claim we frequently see about online gambling is that it is inherently more addictive. As the story goes, real-world casinos give you a sense of how much you are playing with. Meanwhile, online casinos feel less realistic because you are not handling real money. On top of that, the convenience of online gambling makes it so players can easily indulge their hobbies. Because they are easier to access, that makes it far easier to develop the addiction.

However, this claim ignores the widespread adoption of responsible gaming. Online casinos have gone out of their way to ensure players have the tools to fight addiction. Every website has ways of setting deposit limits for your account. Some online casinos even ask you to set these as soon as you register. Deposit limits cannot be easily changed either, preventing casino members from getting rid of them and overspending.

Another helpful tool online casino plays can use is self-exclusion. When active, a website prevents you from playing for a set time. It can be one day or several months. Good online casinos will even go so far as to prevent you from registering new accounts during this time.

Summing up

Are online casinos rigged? There are some bad apples in the bunch, but informed casino members have nothing to fear. Provided you stick to popular online casinos, you should not run into any issues. Even if you pick a random website, you have ways to checking it is safe to play. Licenses are a good indicator that an online casino is trustworthy, as are testing services like eCOGRA. An operator’s reputation also plays an important part in picking a good website to play in.

Provided you stick to what you have read here, you will not have issues with rigged games or bad promotions. Go out and enjoy the world of online casinos, armed with the knowledge they are perfectly safe!

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