AvatarUX Extends Agreement with Light & Wonder

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AvatarUX, an award-winning online casino content provider, has extended its essential distribution agreement with Light & Wonder. It includes a broader allocation of its expansive game portfolio. New opportunities arise on the horizon for both companies, bringing quality content to more players.

The initial agreement was announced in 2022, seeing the companies cooperate in developing eight games over three years. With the recent extension, popular titles like MonkeyPop and CherryPop will be available via the OpenGaming platform. It is one of the world’s most prominent iGaming ecosystems, hosting vast quantities of quality content.

This agreement extension will considerably boost AvatarUX’s player reach, making its games accessible to many more punters. Top-performing titles will launch in new jurisdictions, including North America. Light & Wonder is a world leader in cross-platform entertainment and games, helping providers to enhance their reach.

The distribution of AvatarUX’s immersive library will go much easier through the famed platform. It will allow the studio to release its top titles, alongside its popular PopWinsa mechanics, to new customers during 2023. Both companies hope to continue the successful collaboration and reinforce their relationship.

Giant Step Ahead

Officials have spoken about being thrilled to continue the partnership, which has already brought much success. The distribution of AvatarUX’s quality games will be additionally facilitated. Light & Wonder will deliver engaging content to its player base and benefit from it immensely. Both parties are confident they can build upon the previous collaboration.

Steve Mayes, Digital Head of Partnerships at L & W, has said this partnership proved to be a success after only a few months. The renowned company is excited to extend the partnership, adding new top-quality content to the platform. The games are expected to be hits among online customers, delivering sessions of continuous entertainment.
He has added AvatarUX is one of the most popular emerging iGaming brands, speaking about his pleasure to work with them closely. Underlining his hope the best is yet to come, Mayes has noted Light & Wonder is thrilled to offer AvatarUX’s games to a wide range of players.

Expanding US Footprint

AvatarUX’s representatives have also mentioned the significance of this partnership extension. Niki Longmuir, the CEO, has stated that L & W is an iconic brand, and the collaboration has already borne fruit. Expressing hope the trend will continue, he has said everyone enjoys working with this company enormously.

Longmuir has predicted the partnership will increase revenue streams for his company, simultaneously enhancing brand visibility. The duo is bound to enjoy further success, bringing luck to new customers around the globe. Namely, one of the upcoming tasks is to deliver AvatarUX’s award-winning games to crucial US jurisdictions.

The CEO has explained that the deal extension represents his company’s monumental achievement. Penetrating the booming US market is a seminal step ahead for the enterprise, enabling it to reach out to a huge player base. Such a milestone achievement inspires the team to work even harder in the future.

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