Bitcoin Predictions for Online Casinos in 2018

Bitcoin is really a both a digital currency and a indicates of electronic payment. Bitcoin can also be inherently private, and whilst it doesn’t make sure anonymity, it certainly affords payers and payees more protection that any traditional currency ever could. It is for these reasons that the on-line gambling neighborhood throughout the globe has embraced Bitcoin so quickly and so thoroughly. Because Bitcoin expansion isn’t a trend that will cease anytime soon, let’s rub our crystal ball and speculate about what 2018 will bring.

Online Casinos Bonuses Will probably be Larger for Using Bitcoin

We’re currently witnessing this taking place, so it is not much of a stretch. On-line casinos want you to use Bitcoin: they earn more on each “dollar” that way due to reduced transaction costs as well as other elements. In order to entice you, casinos will pass some of those savings onto you within the type of larger bonuses.
Casinos Will Start Offering Protection Against Bitcoin Volatility

Bitcoin Will Account for the Majority of All Gambling Transactions

Do you know that most online gambling transactions are conducted in the U.S. dollar? It’s accurate. Even when you take U.S.-based punters out of the equation, USD is utilized greater than the EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD and so forth. The purpose is comfort, but that’s about to alter, and it is going to change because Bitcoin is becoming almost as convenient and definitely more helpful. Any conveniences the dollar nonetheless provides will probably be offset by the privacy and other advantages Bitcoin affords.
Bitcoin Will Account for Greater than 80 Percent of All U.S.-based Transactions

Bitcoin Will probably be Ubiquitous in Online Gambling

Have you heard the term “Bitcoin casino?” It’s used to refer to online casinos that accept Bitcoin deposits and offer Bitcoin withdrawals. This term is currently essential because these casinos are unique. They’re in the vanguard of an industry-wide transition, but by 2018, the term Bitcoin casino may not possess a large amount of meaning, and also the reason for that’s that nearly each on-line casino nonetheless rocking a year from now will facilitate Bitcoin transactions. It will likely be a standard and anticipated.


The privacy advantages cannot be overstated when it comes to U.S. gamblers. The local laws they face are stricter than almost anyplace on the planet. That hasn’t stopped them from gambling using the USD, however it does expose them to tax liabilities and possible penalties. Changes in U.S. law are almost certainly coming, but these changes definitely won’t be on the books by 2018. Since use of Bitcoin will shield U.S. customers from these aforementioned issues, Bitcoin will most certainly become the dominant currency.


If there’s a possible downside to Bitcoin is that it tends to be volatile. This really is some thing that ought to work itself out more than time, especially as Bitcoin becomes much more widespread. That will not happen by 2018, however. For gamblers nonetheless reticent to try Bitcoin at this point, this volatility will likely be a sticking point. Some casinos, consequently, will limit this danger by guaranteeing the cost of bitcoins maintained in casino accounts. They’ll be able to do this simply because volatility is much more a short-term than long-term danger.

Much more Nations Will Overhaul Their Laws to Account for Bitcoin

Whether we’re talking about the United states, UK, European Union or Australia, the laws currently around the books were created before Bitcoin was around the political radar. That’s no longer the case, and Australia, for example, is currently moving to overhaul its laws to add Bitcoin charges that let them recoup some of the conventional banking fees they’re not obtaining it. Just how much these new laws impact typical Joes like us remains to become appear, but it could certainly affect that #4 prediction.

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