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Evolution Gaming

Evolution, a market-leading online casino content provider, has announced it will release 100 new games during 2023. It is the number-one developer of live games in the industry, with many of its most famous titles under its belt. In addition, many people think the most anticipated game will be more popular than Crazy Time.

It is called Funky Time, a game expected to be Evolution’s next flagship product. While some similarities with Crazy Time are undeniable, Evolution has improved the entire experience. Various betting options, bonus games and Multipliers make the game even more memorable.

The basic concept includes the Money Wheel with 64 segments, 12 of which are reserved for bonus games. The rest is filled with other wagers, and 24 segments grant a payout of 25x the stake. They spell out PLAY, FUNK and TIME, giving this game show from the 70s even better flavor.

Each word is spelled twice, with the possibility to bet on every letter, and if you hit it, it will be enhanced by a random Multiplier. Many more pleasant surprises await around the corner, and the rest of the article will cover them.

Four Excellent Bonuses

Like Crazy Time, Funky Time has four different bonuses. Two of them are the same for every player, while two are interactive. The 64 fields of the Wheel are divided into four segments and four games. The games include BAR, Stayin’ Alive, Disco and VIP Disco, each offering its own perks.

The BAR bonus takes you to a virtual bartender, where you can choose one of the three colors. Moreover, the robot fills three glasses, determining the Multiplier size and topping one with an olive. It provides an extra Multiplier, promising excellent payouts if you choose the right glass.

In the Stayin’ Alive game, you must choose a color, and a machine full of balls pops them out one by one. The more balls of the selected color, the bigger the Multiplier, increasing the payouts. You are to hit the dancefloor with the Disco and VIP Disco games.

Funky is dancing, with a DJ turning a small wheel with four steps. Each new step increases the Multiplier, and the game finishes once Mr. Funky falls off the dancefloor. The VIP Disco is the same game with bigger Multipliers, ensuring multiple huge wins and unforgettable moments.

Mesmerizing Presentation

The game will launch in May 2023, which has already created an air of anticipation among the fans. In addition, Funky Time is the most promising live game of the entire year. The perks it offers tickle players’ imaginations worldwide, and it looks fantastic, too. Everything looks and sounds perfect, making Funky Time one of the most thrilling live games in a long time.

The atmosphere is phenomenal, with a live host broadcasting from a top-notch studio. Furthermore, the live chat enables you to communicate with fellow players and the presenter. Real-time conversations make this game exciting and attractive all the time. Funky Time is optimized for all devices, allowing you to play it on the go, wherever you are.

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