Explore ‘Pharaohs Tomb’ at Spartan Slots Online Casino

Come and visit the ‘Pharaohs Tomb’ Spartan Slots online casino!

You’re riding on a camel in the middle of the desert with the scorching sun slowly taking a toll on you. You wipe the sweat off your brow as you nudge the camel to a full stop. Dismounting slowly, you stare in disbelief at what’s in front of you.

This is it! You’ve finally found it! The tomb of a long forgotten pharaoh is right at your feet, ready to be explored. As you slowly make your way in, you start inspecting every inch along your path. A flickering light grabs your attention. Want to discover where it leads to? Deposit a minimum of $25 and you can access your daily prize!

This tomb is full of traps and danger, but are you determined to get to the pharaoh’s chamber and discover the treasury? If so, then get your torch ready, deposit even more and have a go at the $25, $50 and/or $75 tombs which are full of Free Chips, Free Spins, Cash rewards and also Amazon Vouchers worth over $20,000!

So what are you waiting for? Long lost tunnels that lead to unthinkable riches and fame are waiting to be explored by you! And Humphrey the camel really needs some rest!

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