Freeroll Slots Tournaments USA – Win Money by Playing Slots for $0!

Freroll Slots Tournaments USA

Looking to show your skill and win money by playing slots, but not risk any of your own hard earned cash? Freeroll slots tournaments are what you need, as you get to play online slots for free and if you beat the other competitors you win cash prizes!

By joining a freeroll slots tournament you can take a share of the prize pool that goes above $10,000 while risking nothing yourself as the tournament is free to enter!

Currently Open Freeroll Slots Tournaments for USA Players

When you’re ready to play in an online slot tournament, fund the tournament through your regular casino account. Once you are a member of the tournament you can choose your game from the list provided. You play these games as you normally would and any wins that you achieve will count toward your score for the tournament event.

The tournament leaderboards highlights your best slot score so if you win more than other players your score will show at the top of the board. The higher your name ranks, the bigger prizes you’ll receive! Don’t forget to check the latest Slotocash Casino promotions and bonus codes.

Red Stag Casino also regularly hosts freeroll tournaments with massive prizes. Check out the list of their bonus codes and promotions or visit the Red Stag Casino website.

How do freeroll slots tournaments work?

Slots tournaments work in a similar way to a poker tournament. It has a start time and an end time, and you got to be there, register and play at the right time if you want to win it. The online casino will announce the date and the time when the tournament will be held, and which game (or games) are eligible.

For example, Slotocash slots tournaments usually last for a day or two, only a single online slot counts for the tournament, entry fee is $0 so it’s a freeroll, and the prize pool exceeds $10,000. Some of the more recent slots to appear in Slotocash tournaments are Pay Dirt!, Cleopatra’s Gold and Triple Twister.

Slotocash tournaments represent incredible value as freeroll tournaments usually don’t have prize pools anywhere near five figures.

How to play a freeroll slots tournament

Once you register with the casino, e.g. Slotocash, and the slots tournament is open, your goal is to play the online slot game in question, for example Pay Dirt!, and win more money on it than other people that are in the tournament. You get your credits and you have to win more than all other players.

How to win a freeroll slots tournament

Now this is what really matters – winning the slots tournament. While online slots are completely random, and luck will play a huge factor in determining the winner, there are definitely things you can do to increase your chances of winning. There’s a correct way to play a slots tournament.

Play as fast as possible

If you have a time limit for playing that particular online slot, e.g. 10 minutes, it is of utmost importance to play as fast as you can. Same goes for the free spins round, or anything else, just play as fast as you can. Frantic is the name of the game. Remember to toggle the Turbo mode for faster play, if available.

Always bet max

Too many players decide to take the conservative route and are hoping to get as many spins as the bankroll allows, thinking that that will increase their odds of landing that big win. But the big win won’t be as big because the stake is low. The goal in freeroll slots tournaments is to increase variance to the maximum and hope to benefit from it. This gung-ho approach will often lead to nothing, but when you land that full board win on a max bet, you are the likely winner of the tournament.

Do not count your winnings

This advice is also about not wasting time, as your goal is to play and play until you’re done. There’s no time to count the winnings, and there’s no reason to.

Pros and Cons of Slots Tournaments

Slots tournaments obviously have a whole range of advantages, and only a few disadvantages. You get to play for free, polishing up your skill on a certain game and measuring your success against other players.

On top of all that, there’s free money to be won for the most successful player. Last but not least, you can’t go bankrupt because you haven’t invested any money at all!

The downside is that you only win money if you place well in the tournament, which may be a deterrent to some players who haven’t fared well in several consecutive tournaments so they gave up. The win comes to the persistent player who applies a good strategy and then has some luck with the game.

Slot tournaments are extremely fun, and in no time you’ll start refining your skills, maybe even a rivalry will emerge with one or more of the other regular players! The only way to know if you’re a good freeroll slot tournament player is to take all the advice written in this article and apply it to an actual tournament. Sign up with Slotocash and join one of their freeroll tournaments today!

Freeroll Slots Tournaments Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I enter a slot tournament for free?

Yes, casinos such as Slotocash offer freeroll slots tournaments.

What’s the best strategy for slot tournaments?

The usual strategy is to bet big and play fast, hoping to land that big win with the highest bet possible, and after that play conservatively until the end if you’re doing well enough to win a prize.

Do online casinos host slot tournaments regularly?

Yes, Slotocash hosts freeroll slots tournaments all the time, and you can choose which one do you want to enter.

Can I play slot tournaments on my phone?

Yes, most online casinos are optimized for mobile, including Slotocash that hosts freeroll tournaments. Most players prefer to play on a desktop computer because of the requirement to click fast.

Are slot tournaments rigged?

While there certainly are some rigged tournaments out there, the ones hosted by casinos we promote here are fair. When you enter a slots tournament only your skill and luck will determine if you won or not.

How do you win an online slot tournament?

To win an online slot tournament, you have to be the player who won the most credits by playing a certain game. You’ll see a leaderboard and you’ll know how you compare to other players. The more points you win, the higher up the leaderboard you go. In almost all cases, you don’t even have to be the outright winner, but need to be “in the money” and place high enough to earn a share of the prize.


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