Georgia to Legalize Online Sports Betting in 2020?

Georgia lawmakers might be much more inclined to legalize sports betting in 2020 as falling tax revenue is prompting the state to look for new sources of earnings. Yet, Sen. Brandon Beach hasn’t been completely particular whether sports betting should be legalized. Nevertheless, it should be noted that Sen. Brandon Beach is among the long-time proponents of such a move.

While the state is much more open to gambling in principle, sports betting seems to be off the table. ‘We need additional deliberation,’ Sen. Beach said final week. Whilst the committee chaired by Beach has been fast to adopt a 13-page proposal seeking to establish a regulatory framework for gambling, the legislation hasn’t been passed onto the Senate.

Meanwhile, a Home of Representatives Committee has been operating to find new sources of income for the state. To introduce gambling as one of these, Georgia has to undergo constitutional reforms, requiring a super majority, or two-thirds of within the Georgia Home and Senate.

If successful, Georgia would have to proceed to a state-wide referendum exactly where residents would determine if they wish to endorse gambling in the state. Georgia Rep. Ron Stephens has also expressed his endorsement of a would-be gambling industry. The Representative even suggested a number of destinations that could host casino resorts.

Among the designated locations is Atlanta. Backers of the legalization move across the state have already recommended two properties, one to become constructed in Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton and another close towards the Chattahoochee River in between Uptown Columbus and Fort Benning.

Bob Wright, the man pushing for the Chattahoochee River resort spoke towards the Home Committee on December 11, arguing that there has been active improvement in the region, along with a casino resort would only continue and build up on that.

Sen. Beach has been among the main proponents from the gambling industry in the state. He has already produced effective pushes for pari-mutuel betting on horses, one of the pre-cursor activities for most legalized sports betting and gambling states.

His hopes were to create more jobs for the state. Even mainstream sports franchises primarily based in Georgia, like Atlanta United, the Braves and Falcons have openly advocated for the introduction of sports betting. Georgia could focus on the on-line segment, but this brings up another issue, which goes against the grain of what Sen. Beach desires – jobs.

If Georgia’s industry-to-be focused solely on the on-line segment, then that would get rid of the opportunity to develop facilities, like casinos and race tracks, generating jobs. A proposed resolution was if both segments were endorsed and the move was pretty well-received with representatives.

Yet, Senators stay undecided fearing that mobile, i.e. mobile gambling, would consume too much from the potential return for the state. Other states have indicated that the introduction of a mobile segment really leads to a substantial increase in operations.

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