High Noon Casino – Blacklisted!

High Noon Online Casino

This Casino is blacklisted for licensing issues, payment issues and suspected fraud.

High Noon Casino is one of the most experienced and trusted online casinos and has been operating since 2004.
The games are designed to deliver the most realistic experience possible and uses gaming software developed and licensed by Real Time Gaming (RTG) whose casino gaming has long been on the cutting edge of technology. In the beloved western-themed casino, High Noon is determined to offer you a unique online gaming experience.
At the moment High Noon Casino offers a $60 free bonus (no deposit required), or a 200% match bonus up to $2000 for new players. Highly recommended!

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14 thoughts on “High Noon Casino – Blacklisted!”

  1. I just recently read reports of them being blacklisted on many websites. They claim another group took over or is involved in 2116. Funny thing is i played every month at least once but usually more often and never won in that two year Period. The same machines i played before that time frame would always hit. And i can safely say the girls and guys that work there are A1 THE OPERATORS. Best and only reason i stuck it out until i read these reports. After having my doubts why I have not won a thing in a little over 2 years.. I just cancelled my membership TODAY. And plan on moving on. I was one to always tell people about how good they were in past. I guess i should read reviews more often. Would of saved me lot of money.Please read reviews of being blaclisted on many websites before you choose to play.

  2. I tried to install this game over five times. It got to a certain point and then would move no further. Also my virus protection kept telling me that this installation should NOT be done.
    The download sits in my file.
    Oh well, I will let it sit there a little longer and try it again someday. If it still doesn’t work, I will delete it and play at the instant-casino.

  3. Great game. My aunt and cousin love it. They can’t afford to go to a casino, so I installed this for them. They are in heaven!

  4. lot of fun and just like playing at the casino. it is amazing how the games are so accurate. it is so worth playing this.

  5. I like this because it has the option for real paybacks. I would like to have more of the same.

  6. This is almost the exact same slots I used to find in the Casinos. I love Clepoatra Gold and Shopping Spree. Very much worth it if you like to play the old slots

  7. Many slots to enjoy.
    No problems encountered installing or using.
    My wife and I both have had many enjoyable hours of entertainment.

  8. Can only say, love these slots!!!!!!!

    Downloaded High noon because of the different casino slots inside the game.

    Would recommend.

  9. So much fun and the animation is just like the slots at the casinos. I love all the sounds and the feeling that you are playing at the casino.

  10. It’s always fun playing slots real or for fun… I am disappointed in the “High Pay out” they still seem look the same as true casino pay out amounts to me.

  11. I was leary about downloading this but after loading it on our computer I find that the slots are almost like the real slots at our local casino. The sound effects and everything.

  12. We enjoy playing it. It’s much like being in a casino without actually going.
    Like the fact that it can be played without having to download first.
    Would recommend it to my friends.

  13. The majority of games are as real as the real life ones at the local casino. It does seem to take longer to start when wanting to play.
    overall nice casino!

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