Internet Vikings Launches New Hosting Service in Colorado

Internet Vikings online casino hosting

Internet Vikings, a world-class online casino hosting provider, have continued their quick expansion into the US market. They have recently announced their initial operations in West Virginia, and their next stop is Colorado. While it is a giant step for the state, it is just a small one for the Vikings and their US growth. They expect to conquer eleven more states by the end of 2021.

The iGaming industry continues to spread steadily through the States with all the required legislation being implemented. Internet Vikings plans to enhance their global outreach and reputation using all the new opportunities. With the iGaming companies providing high-quality hosting solutions to their players, Vikings looks to emerge as an industry leader.

Pioneers of the Industry

The USA has immense iGaming potential, and American Vikings is there to lead the way for all the rest. The entrance was not an easy task, though. The company’s Head of US Expansion, Elena Kvakova, has begun a challenging process from their New York office in 2020. The complicated legal system in the US required a painstaking process of exploring gambling legislation thoroughly. Click here to see where online casinos are legal in the USA.

The company has had thirteen years of successful operations in many jurisdictions. Nevertheless, starting off in the US was a difficult task for both Vikings and the regulators. The competent bodies needed to set up appropriate rules and regulations to be applied in each state. Kvakova said it wasn’t easy to find the right method to enter the market, given the situation. Internet Vikings offered cutting-edge solutions the regulators did not expect.

However, the strenuous experience has already born fruit. Vikings has become one of the leading authorities in the field of US gambling legislation. The knowledge they possess will represent a cornerstone for their future development. Additionally, they provide useful help to other online casino companies who want to set foot in this market. They regularly organize webinars to offer advice on the subject.

The Company Prepared for Quick Expansion

Kvakova added the existing hosting options in the US were expensive, restricted and complicated for the providers. Hence the company now wants to offer dependable and stable solutions, but more economical and streamlined. The idea is to bring about a positive change and grow steadily together with the customers.

While not the only company of its kind in the US, Internet Vikings stands head and shoulders above the rest. It has a team of professionals, experts in the field, offering reliable hosting services and providing help to every client. The goal is to provide dependable servers and infrastructure in all the thirteen states planned for expansion. Each of the hubs has a unique set of operations, and the company looks to suit the players’ needs accordingly.

Internet Vikings is a rapidly expanding team with offices and data centers on nearly all continents. Through hard work and dedication, the firm established itself as a leader in the booming US iGaming market. The USA will become the main iGaming place in the world and Vikings look to control things from the start.

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