Michigan Governor Against Gambling Expansion

Earlier in March, senior representative Brandt Iden introduced a new bill in the house which calls for gambling expansion within the State.

However, according to the reports, the new Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer isn’t in favor of gambling expansion in the State. Those familiar with the matter have also stated that the new governor is preparing to sabotage the bill that calls for regulating online gambling in the State.

Gov. Whitmer has raised issues that permitting online casino games in the State would hamper the lottery business within the State as it would reduce in to the market share of the lottery operators.

According to Brandt Iden, who has sponsored the bill, has contrary views. He says that gambling expansion would help fund social applications in the State. He has also said that the gambling expansion would bring in additional tax income, and it would assist the State’s economy.

Talking about the possibility of on-line gambling and casinos consuming into lottery operator’s business, Brandt said that the online casino games have currently been allowed; however, it has not led to any decrease in the revenue from lottery operations.

Earlier in December the outgoing Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, vetoed House Bill 4926 and its accompanying pieces HB 4927, citing concerns more than the monetary and social impact of legalization of online gambling around the State’s territory.

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