NetEnt Releases Knight Rider

Knight Rider Slot Game

It is time for a portion of the 80s nostalgia, with NetEnt joining forces with Digital Platforms and Universal Games. They have delivered Knight Rider, an attractive video slot based on the popular TV show starring David Hasselhoff. The incorruptible crime fighter, Michael Knight, was fighting for justice for four sizzling seasons from 1982 to 1986. NetEnt has continuously developed various branded slots, intending to introduce Knight Rider to new fans via the game. The officials believe it is an appealing theme that will attract a large audience.

The high-octane five-reel slot brings to life the most beloved elements of the TV show in question. It boasts Turbo Boosts, Laser Wilds, Free Spins and an original Buy Feature. It goes without saying the volatility is high, with a decent maximum win of 7,000x the stake. Knight Rider will feature the sound effects and clips from the original show to return players to their childhoods. The tempo will have them on the edge of their seats, keeping the tension high throughout the game.

Highly Immersive Experience

The classic Knight Rider universe will surround the players with familiar characters, delivering an unforgettable experience. Such slots demand players to immerse themselves in the atmosphere to be effective. Knight Rider is such an example, coming with a specific environment and the 80s feeling it produces. Michael Knight and K.I.T.T. will help punters experience genuine thrills with Walking Multiplier Wilds and Free Spins. When the Wilds participate in a win, they remain sticky, jumping on the next reel with Multipliers. It provides bigger chances and more substantial wins.

For the punters searching for more Free Spins, there is the Buy Feature, the option that players could trigger for 140x the stake. It enables players to enter the Bonus round straight away. The story of a lone lawman and his self-aware car looks beautiful in the game, with all the camp it carries. The Turbo Boost feature will have K.I.T.T. burn rubber, placing 3-4 Walking Multiplier Wilds on the reels. Enjoying this game will bring you back to the 80s, a more carefree time when everything that mattered was that justice was served.

High-Quality Entertainment

The company representatives are pleased to deliver a memorable gaming experience to old fans and new ones. Todd Haushalter, CPO at NetEnt, said this game brought back the beloved decade with style. Knight Rider is a classic TV show that always has something fresh to offer. The team has done a fantastic job incorporating the TV series world into the slot environment. Every fan of the iconic show will be impatient to check the game out and be pleased with what they have done. They will jump at the chance to take the LA streets and experience all the fun the game provides.

Furthermore, the enterprise has already proven itself regarding branded slots, bringing multiple popular film and TV titles to life. Such releases always attract a massive audience due to the appeal of those TV shows and movies. Knight Rider will undoubtedly have its place in NetEnt’s expansive game portfolio.


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