New Jersey Casinos to Re-Open in July?

It’s one month before the large July Fourth holiday weekend, and everybody wants to know if they’ll be open to capitalize on one of the greatest weekends of the year.

And whilst the casinos stay closed, a brand new strategy for a family-friendly entertainment choice around the Boardwalk is gaining momentum.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and his administration are “trying like heck” to get Antlantic City casinos open in time for July Fourth weekend.

There’s a very good purpose for the push to obtain casinos as quickly as possible – revenue.

Gambling in New Jersey generates billions for the economy every year. And whilst online casinos have helped pick up a few of the slack, the on-line casino income they produce is just a fraction of what the brick-and-mortar casinos on the Boardwalk are capable of.

In addition, opening the casinos will place thousands of unemployed casino employees back to work.

There is one significant hurdle standing in the way of reopening casinos. The pandemic is not over.

“It’s indoors. There’s no ventilation. It is close proximity, and it’s largely sedentary,” Murphy said.

In preparation for the eventual opening, several casinos have released their plans for keeping clients secure. The plans contact for social distancing, mask-wearing, and intensive cleaning procedures.

The following casinos have shared casino opening safety plans with the public:


The AC casino season usually kicks off Memorial Day and lasts all summer time. Clearly, it missed that milestone.

Will AC casinos be open for the Fourth of July weekend? Our fingers are crossed.

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