Pragmatic Play to Launch Online Bingo Software

Casino games developer Pragmatic Play made a major announcement to kick-start February 2018, with the iGaming software program developer detailing plans to move into the online bingo marketplace. The revelation came through a press release in which Pragmatic Play delivered a list of features which are intended to create the new on-line bingo product an revolutionary encounter.

At this stage, the details are quite slim, but Pragmatic Play has been prepared to describe the bingo item as having a mobile-first design. Another important detail to emerge is the fact that the developer has created the bingo produce to provide more customisable options than other equivalents that are presently accessible in the marketplace.

Pragmatic Play has even described the in-game bingo lobby as being the only instance presently in existence on mobile devices. In creating the mobile-friendly bingo item, the developer has streamlined the look from the bingo markets. This is to create them more accessible and easier for players to understand.

The simplification of the cards has also enabled Pragmatic Play to consist of additional prizes on each from the bingo tickets. Bingo operators who take up the item will be in a position to deliver higher selection, in terms of prizes, but can also do exactly the same for the games. As five-part games, bingo operators will be in a position to come up having a greater level of winning patterns.

Melissa Summerfield of Pragmatic Play spoke of how the bingo product could be usable by online casinos also. Summerfield also went on to clarify how operators can use the tailoring and customisation to supply a more unique encounter. Any operators installing the software can complete the integration process inside of a month.

Pragmatic Play has previously received multiple awards for the development of on-line casino games, with video slots represent the single biggest category.

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