Red Tiger Rolls Out Timed Jackpots in Michigan

Evolution Gaming

Evolution-owned online casino content operator, Red Tiger, has announced the release of its progressive jackpot games in Michigan. Four operators are to launch the games in the following weeks. The supplier is the only company that offers timed jackpots anywhere in the US. This distinctive jackpot mechanism enables operators to set them up, so they are guaranteed to hit before a specific time.

Timed jackpots have already launched in Connecticut, Quebec, and Ontario, and players in Michigan will now enjoy their favorites. 48 Red Tiger slots will be available for selection. Each game has two progressive jackpots that the operator can configure. A Mini Jackpot usually has a seed value of $100, while a Daily Jackpot often starts at $1,000.

The latter is bound to hit before a certain time each day. Most operators pick a time during peak hours (9.00 – 11.00 pm). While the jackpot value continues to rise, one can feel the excitement building among the players. The new jackpots are set to provide a new kind of thrill among customers.

Unique Excitement

Red Tiger has already caused quite a stir amongst the punters with its jackpot network. However, its latest trick is about to make huge waves and bring players in Michigan a lot of luck. The provider has proven its quality in European jurisdictions, adding considerable excitement to the game with its jackpots.

These jackpots are subject to regulatory approval but are available with all Red Tiger slots. They include jackpot meter widgets that operators can put on their mobile phone apps and websites. With guaranteed prizes, patient and lucky players are sure to get their hands on some loot. The famed provider promises customers in the Great Lake State a heightened and rewarding iGaming experience.

The company plans to expand its footprint across North America, entering many more jurisdictions. With innovation as successful and popular as timed jackpots, Red Tiger should have no problem conquering them by storm. Players already know what they can expect from the Evolution-powered company, including a different kind of excitement when the clock starts counting down.

Building Partnerships

Everyone knows good relationships and fruitful collaborations with partners are required for success. Having a partner you can trust is a job half-done. Red Tiger officials hope entering Michigan is only the beginning as far as the North American market is concerned. One must penetrate the booming US markets to expand to North America, and Michigan is one of the most significant jurisdictions.

Jeff Millar, CCO North America at Evolution, has expressed excitement about launching timed jackpots in the Great Lake State. The unique jackpot mechanism adds a sense of thrill among players that only the countdown effect can cause. Few prizes can stir players’ imaginations as much as these, delivering a pleasant gaming experience.

Red Tiger constantly seeks to fortify its collaborations with North American operator partners. The company cannot wait to launch Red Tiger jackpots in all approved North American markets. It is a logical step ahead in its business strategy.

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