Scientific Games Rebrands to Light & Wonder

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Well-known software provider Scientific Games has announced they will be changing their name to Light & Wonder Inc in the future. The name change helps establish a new identity as the company aims to become a leading cross-platform game company.
Light & Wonder’s plans include a deliberate cross-platform approach to bring their game franchises to players anywhere. That allows players to enjoy their releases in land-based, online, and mobile casinos. Their games will also be present in real money and free-to-play social gaming markets. The end goal is to use technology to enable a seamless player experience across all platforms!

Over the last several months, Scientific Games took several bold strategic moves to transform itself into a leading global game company. One of these steps is the planned divestitures of the corporation’s lottery and sports betting divisions. Instead, Light & Wonder’s future focus lies in casino games and their cross-platform availability. Ensuring the company can offer its titles to the widest possible audience!
Rebranding into Light & Wonder is born out of the company’s strategic vision and input from key stakeholders. It also reflects the corporation’s focus on creating great content, hardware, and systems that connect iconic titles across any place or channel.

Light & Wonder’s CEO Comments on the Rebrand

The company’s chief executive officer, Barry Cottle, said they are thrilled to introduce the world to Light & Wonder. He further elaborated that their powerful new strategy required a new identity to distinguish the company and its unique offerings and capabilities. The new name is born from a winning strategy to be the leading cross-platform game company.

He further pointed out that the name change will inspire its people to make great new products for their players. Mr. Cottle praised his workers, calling them a world-class team and the brightest game creators in the business. Light & Wonder’s rebrand helps transform them into a growth company that invests in their people and products. That allows them to serve their players even better whenever or wherever they play!

What Comes Next?

As part of the transformation, the company’s new website will now be It will feature their iGaming and land-based casino products, technology, and services. The new portal offers an exciting look at player-favorite games, as well as hardware, systems, platforms, and player account management.
Light & Wonder will operate under an assumed name until the legal name change completes in Spring 2022. At that point, the company intends to start trading under a new stock ticker reserved in advance, LNW.

Our expectations for this software provider have only increased with this announcement. With the team focusing more on casino games, we hope to see even higher-quality releases. We do not know what is next for Light & Wonder. However, we do look forward to finding out!

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