Spartan Slots Casino Launches ‘Sugarpop 2’

‘Sugarpop 2’ is Live at Spartan Slots online casino! The game is from Betsoft.

Game Description

Indulge within the reinvention of Sugar Pop, 1 of Betsoft’s most well-liked games. In this incredible sequel, embrace all that was beloved about the original, with cluster wins and candies that explode in a cascade, permitting for additional wins. Revisit the enticing vibrant colours and welcoming, fluffy, cloud-like dreamland that is the setting of Sugar Pop. But don’t get too comfy, because things are about to change. In Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped, everything has been reinvented, from levelling to the candies themselves.

The distinction is noticeable right away, as the special candies no longer just seem on the board, but instead come onto the board in a giant chocolate surprise egg! Some of the old favourites get a slight functional makeover, just like the caramel chew that now removes all candies of a particular colour from the board. But the real highlights towards the unique candies would be the new additions. A Morphing Golden Wild candy will shift and change shape to match any candy near it. The Jelly Bean Cannon fires Jelly Beans into the air, taking out any candies they land on, and also the Sweet Hammer slams the board taking out all candies in its way.

Beyond the special candies are new mechanics behind the cluster wins. Clusters from the unique Free Spin candy now trigger Free Spins, whilst large clusters resolve leaving a WILD on the board to permit for further wins. When much more than five clusters resolve in a turn, a Candy BOMB will be left behind to clear a large portion of the board, and lead to huge wins.

Sugar Pop two is not just about the person spin, but, like the original, allows players to level up from spin to spin. Every few levels, a new candy is unlocked and adds towards the player’s special candy list, whilst growing player enjoyment. Unlike the original, every new level comes with rewards befitting the prestige of levelling up! Also, unlike the original, Sugar Pop two has no level cap! With this sweet sequel the fun never has to finish!

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