Sports Betting Bill Approved by Iowa Senate

Iowa Senate passed the bill for legalizing the sports betting in the state last week. State Senator Ken Rozenboom says the bill has been passed following approval from each the parties with a 31-18 win. This bill legalizes online gambling on collegiate, international and expert sports gambling.

In order to be eligible for fantasy sports contests and sports betting, the minimum age is 21 years. As per the Proponents, on-line sports betting is currently taking place across the state in an illegal manner, and with the passing of this bill, sports betting and wagering may be carried out inside a legal and secure manner.

Rozenboom had opposed the bill simply because he said it will only encourage gambling addiction and will trigger the breakdown from the family members unit, which in turn results in a lot of issues in the society. He also stated that wagering and betting will price Iowa more in social expenses than it could ever gain by the additional sports gambling revenue.

Using the passing of this bill, Iowa becomes the seventh jurisdiction to approve Mobile sports betting from anywhere within state lines. The discussion for legalizing sports betting within the state started in May 2018 when the Supreme Court gave the decision to strike down the federal ban on wagering and betting. After that, numerous gaming entities, state lottery operators and other gambling entities showed an interest in sports betting and legislation was filed ahead of 2019 meeting from the Common Assembly.

As the bill is passed, the licensing application procedure will begin as early as July this year but it will nonetheless take several months prior to the state can approve licensing. So, the betting after all the approvals and licenses will start in early 2020, perhaps in time for the Super Bowl and NFL Playoffs.

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