Three Card Poker

The second game is known as “ante and play”. The player places his ante bet before the cards are dealt. After he sees his cards he has two options. If he does not think his hand is good he can fold. In that event he loses is ante bet. Also he loses the bet for pair plus if he has placed one. There is no payout for pair plus if the player places a wager on ante and play and folds. If the player wants to continue the game, then he has to raise by placing a play bet equal to his ante bet. Then the dealer sees his cards. If the dealer does not have at least a queen high he does not qualify. In that event the ante bet is paid out at 1:1 and the play bet is returned. If the dealer qualifies but has a lower ranking hand than the player, then the player is paid out at 1:1 on both the ante and play bets. If the dealer qualifies but has a higher ranking hand than the player then the player loses both the ante and play bets. If the dealer qualifies but ties with the player then both bets are returned.

 There are many variations or additional rules that are not applicable in all casinos. Most of these reduce the house edge and hence benefit the players. One such rule is a bonus on the ante bet, available only if the player raises. The bonus is paid out as follows: straight flush at 5:1, three of a kind at 4:1 and straight at 1:1. In another variation ties are not push but go to the payer. This rule reduces the house edge by about 0.15%.Deciding when the hands are tied need a clarification. If both the player and dealer get a queen high the hands are not tied. The person with the higher second highest card wins. If the highest two cards are of the same rank, then the third card decides the winner. Only when all three cards are of the same rank are the hands tied.

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