What is a Sit and Go Tournament?

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Online poker is most fun when played against other players. Many RNG-powered poker games allow you to try your luck against a virtual dealer. Video pokers will enable you to hold cards and strategize how to make the best possible poker hand. Both games can be exhilarating to players. However, they lack bluffing and mind games when playing poker against other players. Those aspects make poker such an entertaining game for many players!

If you love playing poker against other players, the best way to do so is through tournaments. The most accessible tournaments to get into are sit and go tournaments. We discuss how they work and what we can expect from them.


Sit and go tournaments rose to prominence because they do not require initial planning. Poker websites, like Ignition casino, can have many pre-planned competitions, requiring casino members to sign up long in advance. By contrast, sit and go tournaments do not require any prior organization. Players sign on to a sit and go (SNG) tournament and wait for enough players to sign up.

Once the tournament has enough players, it is ready to start! The buy-in size, prize distribution, number of players, and how long blind levels last vary between tournaments. The default for SNG tournaments used to be nine or ten players with 10-minute blind levels. However, faster tournaments, such as 6 Max Turbo or Hyper Turbo, are becoming increasingly popular with players. Their shorter structure allows more tournaments to be played, increasing the potential hourly win rate.


When playing SNG tournaments, you have to keep track of different tournament stages. Players should approach each phase in different ways.

The early phase of a sit and go tournament offers small blinds and deep stacks. Competitors are incentivized to play tight to try and force their competitors to fold in the later stages. Keep your cards and funds close to your chest early on.

As you move into the middle stage of the tournament, the number of remaining opponents starts dropping. Play often turns aggressive in this stage, prompting frequent raises. Being able to match these bets is essential, or you will get knocked out of the tournament.

Eventually, the number of players thins further, and the sit and go tournament enters its late stage. The goal here is to get the best possible hand and go all-in on it to knock out your rivals.
This is a basic overview that does not go into too much detail. It is better to experience how each round plays out to feel how things work. If you enjoy how the sit and go tournaments play, you can further investigate our online poker strategy.

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