Which Online Casino Has the Best Customer Service?

Intertops Classic Casino

Online casinos do what they can to remain as flawless as possible. However, we cannot always rely on things to go smoothly. Players will need questions answered or problems resolved. When that happens, they turn to customer service to solve their problems.

Because of that, having excellent customer service is essential for any website hoping to win over players.
This article will go over several online casinos to learn how they handle customer service. Which website will come out on top?


Among our most popular reviewed online casinos, Intertops Casino Classic takes the cake. The website has a customer service team that is active 24/7. The operator gives players the option of contacting the support team using live chat. Write your message, and a customer service representative will get back to you ASAP.

Intertops Casino Classic also has several e-mails for customer support. Which one you use depends on the nature of your query.

The contact us page also has a small FAQ. It has hyperlinks leading you to more in-depth explanations of your questions. The support team is pleasant and replies quickly, cementing Intertops Casino Classic’s position at the top.


Unsurprisingly, Bovada finds itself near the top of our list. The casino has an extensive FAQ page that answers almost any question you might have. Individual questions get bundled into categories, making finding a query you need more straightforward. Bovada also has a community page where players can interact and discuss things.

So why rank Bovada lower than Intertops Casino Classic? It comes down to how difficult the website makes seeking out customer support. You have to open the FAQ page first and select one of the questions. Then, you need to select No when Bovada asks, ‘Did you find what you were looking for?’. Only then will you see an option to speak with customer service.

Live chat is available around the clock. Select the Chat with Us option. That will open a chat page with a bot. You then need to write that you want to speak with a live agent. The hassle of getting in touch with a customer service representative is enormous! However, the agents themselves are pleasant and helpful with any questions you might have.

Selecting the e-mail us option guides you to a contact page. Enter your e-mail and topic, and write the message you want to send. E-mail responses take up to 48 hours but often happen faster than that.

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Sports Interaction Casino makes no effort to hide its customer service. Scroll down and press the live chat button. This opens a chat window in the bottom left corner. Write down your question or explain what issue you are currently facing. Someone from the support team will answer as soon as they become available.

The website also gives you the option of contacting them using a phone number. Phone support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is toll-free. Sports Interaction casino’s phone number is 1-888-922-5575.
We also like the detailed help page this casino offers its players. The operator highlights the most popular questions first. Scrolling down reveals various questions bundled in categories. The page is helpful, so we recommend checking it out.


Slotocash has several ways of contacting customer service and an FAQ page. However, these pages are not as easy to access as other online casinos. Live chat is simple enough to find. Press the large chat bubble button to open the live chat and write your question. Live chat is available 24/7, so there is always someone around to help.

Another option is to send customer service an e-mail at [email protected]. Players need to open the sidebar and open the support page. You will not see the possibility of contacting Slotocash via e-mail anywhere else. You also have to mention your account username when sending an e-mail message.

The website has an FAQ page. It is reasonably in-depth but offers fewer answers than the casinos we rated higher. Each question is hyperlinked, so clicking it will scroll down to the selected question.


Spartan Slots does not offer a live chat option, unlike many other websites. Instead, casino members can only contact the support staff using e-mail. E-mail support is available 24/7! You can reach them through [email protected].

The website has a massive FAQ page that answers almost every question you might have. It even rivals higher-rated online casinos with its quality! The reason Spartan Slots is the final spot on our list is not due to it being not good. However, the absence of a live chat option automatically ranks it lower than its rivals. We can easily see it climbing the ranks if they introduced live chat.

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