Best Casinos for USA Players That Accept Bitcoin: Make BTC Deposits at Online Casinos

Advantages of Using Cryptocurrencies at Online Casinos

Bitcoin casinos are a trend that’s here to stay. Even though many players still use eWallets and cards to fund their accounts, cryptocurrencies have way too many advantages for anyone to ignore them. Fast, reliable, and incredibly secure, Bitcoin is the perfect way to make deposits and withdrawals the way they’re supposed to.

If you like to stay anonymous online, then BTC is definitely for you. And the best part? Bitcoin has evolved a lot since being touted as the ideal payment method for geeks and IT professionals. Below, you’ll find out everything there is to know about US casinos that accept Bitcoin. We’ll highlight our top picks, along with outlining some of BTC’s biggest benefits. Ready to improve the quality of your game time?

Why Should Casino Players Use Bitcoin?

This is a question we see a lot, but rarely answered in a quality manner. Why is this the case? Well, Bitcoin is a bit of a novelty for most people, so it’s hard to grasp all the benefits at once? That’s why we at HyperCasinos embarked on a Bitcoin gaming journey. In the process, we wrote down and highlighted all the things we liked, while focusing on all the unique features one can get. Here’s what you should be excited about:

  • Anonymity. With Bitcoin, you won’t reveal any personal information to US online casinos. When making a deposit, all you need is the site’s BTC wallet address and you’re good to go. For withdrawals, you don’t need to give out your name, card number, or anything else. Just copy your wallet address and the casino will send you the money instantly. In an age where data breaches are common, it’s nice knowing that hackers will be powerless to take your money.
  • Security. Bitcoin transfers are all cataloged and stored in a publicly accessible ledger. This means that no coins can be double-transferred, and all completed transactions can’t be changed. They’re stored in what’s called a ‘ledger’ and can be seen by anyone. Blockchain technology, upon which BTC was built, is also used for security systems, encryptions, and advanced apps. It’s the best security tech there is, according to most experts.
  • No high fees. Almost no Bitcoin casinos charge fees. BTC is a decentralized currency, so neither you nor the site has to pay any bank fees, processing expenses, or anything similar. All Bitcoins transfers are verified by other people, and only a very small cut goes to them. As a result, casinos aren’t forced to take a percentage off your winnings just to cover any expenses. You basically play exactly how much you pay.
  • Fast transfers. When you’re making a card deposit, the money doesn’t just magically appear in the casino’s account. Bank employees have to run checks and manually approve the transfer. That’s why these things take days. With Bitcoin, this isn’t the case. Since real people use software to approve transactions, you’ll see all deposits landing instantly, while withdrawals never take more than an hour to land in your crypto wallet.
  • Added value potential. Unlike most fiat currencies, BTC doesn’t have a fixed value. It rises and falls, depending on how many people buy and sell it on crypto exchanges. Even though you may have, let’s say, 0.05 BTC, it can become more valuable in a matter of day if the market’s looking good. So, a BTC purchase can give you extra playing money without you actually doing anything.

What Are the Best Bitcoin Casinos for USA Players that Accept Bitcoin?

Like what you see? If so, we can’t blame you. Bitcoin definitely is the real deal and it deserves to be your payment method of choice. To help you get the best BTC gaming experience possible, we decided to present a few of our favorite Bitcoin casinos in the US. They’re all legit and trustworthy, so the only thing up to you is to start playing. Let’s go.


A titan amongst US online casinos, Bovada Casino is one of the most reputable sites available. With a long history and a roster full of great games, this is a Bitcoin casino that’s definitely worth your time. They have several bonuses aimed precisely at BTC, so there’s actually a financial incentive to change your credit card for a crypto wallet. If you’ve ever played at Bodog or some of Bovada’s other brands, then you know what to expect. LTC and BCH are also accepted.

Bovada Online Casino Logo

Uptown Aces

With an enticing neon theme and a gargantuan bonus of up to $8,888, Uptown Aces Casino is definitely one of the best Bitcoin casinos for US players. Powered by some of RTG’s best games, it’s a site worth your consideration. Aside from Bitcoin, they also accept Litecoin. The things we liked about this casino the most are its VIP program and the seemingly never-ending array of promotions. There’s literally a bonus for everything!

Uptown Aces Casino Logo

Cafe Casino

If liked Bovada, then you’ll most certainly love Cafe Casino. Run by the same company behind Bovada and Bodog, Cafe Casino is a clean, no-nonsense Bitcoin casino. They’ve been welcoming US players ever since their launch in 2016, and haven’t missed a beat ever since. There are over 250 available games, with a sizeable slot section and some great specialty games to keep you entertained. While not a behemoth in terms of popularity, Cafe Casino offers the same Bovada experience you’ll find at the site’s other sister brands.

Cafe Casino Logo

If Bovada and Cafe Casino are more versatile options, then Casino is Bovada’s answer to the numerous slots-focused sites that have appeared in recent years. They also have a sizeable collection of welcome bonuses and offers, all designed to entice you into trying some of their great slots. They’re well-versed in RTG games, so you’ll find a myriad of slots by this supplier. It’s a fair, secure, and straightforward online casino, just how US players like it. Give it a go and you won’t be disappointed. online Casino

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