Carnival of Calacas: A Mexican Celebration in Slot Form

Carnival of Calacas Slot Game

NeoGames S.A. subsidiary, Wizard Games, is all set to bring the vibrant and colorful spirit of Día de los Muertos to the world of online slots with its latest creation, Carnival of Calacas. This 5×3 slot game offers an intuitive experience, showcasing symbols traditionally linked to Mexican holidays.

The game’s central feature, the Ofrenda Bonus, adds an element of surprise and anticipation to every spin. When you land three or more baskets, you can select a basket and unveil a multiplier ranging from 2x to 500x. The more baskets appear on your screen, the better your chances of securing a substantial prize. This excitement keeps players engaged, making Carnival of Calacas a must-try for slot enthusiasts seeking excitement and rewards.

With each spin, anticipation grows, creating a dynamic gaming experience that can lead to impressive winnings. The Ofrenda Bonus injects extra excitement into every spin, making each moment spent playing Carnival of Calacas engaging and potentially rewarding.

Catrina’s Riches: Unlocking Bonus Features

The Catrina Bonus is another captivating aspect of this slot game. When three or more Catrina symbols land on the reels, players get a spin of the bonus wheel. This wheel can grant an instant multiplier ranging from 50x to 500x, offering potential rewards for fortunate players. It also adds extra excitement and unpredictability to the gameplay, keeping players engaged.

With its rich Mexican cultural theme, engaging gameplay, and the potential for substantial rewards, Carnival of Calacas is poised to become a favorite among players. The game’s captivating bonus features and the strategic depth provided by the El Camino De Los Muertos feature make it a unique and exciting addition to the world of online slots.

With these captivating features, Carnival of Calacas offers players multiple paths to potentially substantial winnings, making it a standout in online slots. It combines luck and strategy, making each spin an exciting adventure filled with possibilities. Whether you’re an experienced slot player or new to online gaming, Carnival of Calacas promises an enjoyable and rewarding journey in the vibrant world of Día de los Muertos.

Embracing the Mexican Spirit

Carnival of Calacas by Wizard Games brings the spirit of Día de los Muertos to life in a visually appealing slot game. With its enticing bonus features, this game promises engaging gameplay and the potential for significant rewards. Moreover, its celebration of Mexican culture adds depth to the gaming experience.

As Wizard Games continues to expand its portfolio, players can anticipate more captivating titles in the coming year, making the world of online slots even more enticing.

Benedict McDonagh, Managing Director at Wizard Games, is excited about their new game, launching during the upcoming Day of the Dead celebrations. He emphasizes the game’s fantastic features and bonuses, such as the substantial multipliers in Ofrenda and Catrina bonuses, offering players a chance to win big.

McDonagh also mentions the El Camino De Los Muertos feature, allowing players to climb to the top. The team eagerly anticipates introducing this creatively designed slot and awaits player feedback.

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