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Online Craps

The popularity of Vegas casinos ensured plenty of competition. Massive casinos trying to draw in players required many games to do so. The result is a diverse selection of casino games popular in real-world locations and online casinos! One of these exciting games is Craps. It is a top-tier dice game that captured the hearts and minds of many casino members worldwide!
However, many players feel intimidated by online craps. They see the large betting board and numerous unfamiliar terms and feel overwhelmed. However, Craps is not as complicated as it might first seem! The core gameplay loop is easy to understand after playing a few rounds. If you ever want to play this game, this online craps guide is for you! We will cover everything you need to know to get started playing this release.


Craps is all about the dice throw and what outcome it produces. The first dice roll in a Craps round is the come-out roll. Players roll two dice at the start of each round. Depending on what number appears, three outcomes are possible.

  • If the dice show seven or eleven, you get a natural win.
  • Roll a two, three, or twelve to get craps, which usually results in a loss.
  • Drawing a four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten mark that number as a Point.

A number selected as a point will have a small button appear next to it. The goal for that round then becomes to roll the point number again. However, you have to do so before rolling a seven. You lose the match if you draw a seven before rolling the point number. You win if you draw the point number before a seven comes your way.


Dice throws determine numbers, but they do not guarantee rewards by themselves. Instead, what payouts you get depends on what wagers you make. For newbies, the essential bets are the simplest ones.

We start with the Pass and Don’t Pass bets. You place these on the corresponding lines on the Craps table. By betting on Pass, you win by rolling a natural or by winning the point. Rolling two, three, or twelve is a loss. The Don’t Pass wager is the opposite of this. It wins if the dice show two or three and lose if you score the point instead of sevening out. If a twelve appears, it results in a push. That means you get your money back, and the round ends.

Next up are Come and Don’t Come bets. These work identically to the previous two bets. The only difference is you can only play these wagers after the game determines the point number. Come bets win if a natural is rolled and lose if craps appear. If the game rolls a point, it becomes a Come point and works identically to established points. You win if you get the number before a seven appears again. Don’t Come pays if the release draws a two or three and loses on seven or eleven. Once again, rolling a twelve ends the round in a draw.


Alongside the stakes mentioned above, online craps give you several proposition bets. These wagers are almost all one-roll bets and are placable on any roll. Proposition bets include:

  • Any Seven – wins if your dice total is a seven
  • Any Craps – wins if you roll a two, three, or twelve
  • Ace Deuce/Three Craps – wins if your dice total is a three
  • Aces – wins if you roll a two
  • Boxcars – wins if your dice total is twelve
  • Horn – wins if you roll a two, three, eleven, or twelve

Included among proposition bets are Hard Ways. Hard Ways bets require you to roll a specific number with a pair of the same numbers. An example of this would be winning four with a pair of twos rolled by the dice. Hard ways bets usually let you bet on four, six, eight, or ten. You have to score that number with a pair before a seven appears on the table.

Craps tables also have several Place Bets. These wagers allow you to bet a particular number will appear before the seven. If the seven gets rolled first, you lose.

The game also has a Field Bet, which is highly likely to win. Field bet pays if players draw a two, three, four, nine, ten, eleven, or twelve. Losing requires you to roll five, six, seven, or eight.

Last up are the Big 6 and Big 8 bets. Big 6 pays if you roll a six before the game draws a seven. Big 8 works the same way, except the dice total has to be eight instead of six.


If you want the highest odds of winning, we recommend playing the Pass/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come wagers. These are the best stakes you can play in online craps, with a house edge of just 1.4%. Other stakes you should consider are Place 6, Place 8, Field 2, and Field 12. Other wagers offer higher house edges, making them less worth playing.
Despite the higher payouts, the math does not work out. Take the Boxcars bet as an example. In most online craps games, this wager pays 30:1. However, it comes with a 13.9% house edge! The low odds of winning make stakes like these not worth your time. If you want to make your balance last as long as possible, avoid other stakes other than the ones we recommended.

Still want to learn more about craps? Check out our Craps dice throwing strategy! If you want to start play Craps now, we recommend you do so at Bovada online casino. They have a great selection of table games, including the best Craps tables.

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