Desert Nights Casino Adds Five New Slots

This week sees the addition of five new slot games to the collection of Desert Nights Casino. The games are from developer Dragon Gaming. These are the games that are added:

Seirei Academy

Luck comes in all shapes and sizes, and also the power that Soul Reapers have may be turned upside down. Seirei Academy is an on-line slot inspired by the popular anime television series known as Bleach. Your job would be to spin the reels as you travel to Seireitei and hope to get a safe and rewarding journey.

The game features a number of seriesinspired characters, and animations are made to resemble the memorable locations from Bleach. If you’re a fan of manga and anime, make sure to attempt this online video slot.

Hero College

Would you like to have superpowers? Are you tired of becoming Quirkless? Hero College might help you change that. Inspired by My Hero Academia, this online video slot will take you on a unique journey through a school where superheroes are educated.

As you spin the reels, you’ll have the ability to meet other heroes-to-be, and some who have currently obtained special powers – to grant hefty rewards to a lucky winner. If you like anime, you need to definitely

Buffalo Bounty

Inspired by the lush flora and fauna from the wild west, Buffalo Bounty requires you back to the land where buffalos and elks roamed free across unexplored American plains. Discover this vast landscape filled with beautiful nature and ride along with wild animals.

Buffalo Bounty is a tribute towards the unspoiled American wilderness, which was house to numerous fascinating species, such as a large number of buffalos. The reels of this slot are filled with animals that were symbols from the civilization that created on the New Continent.

The fantastic design from the landscape and animals is accompanied by epic old western music that completely fits the game’s mood. Are you currently brave enough to set out on an exploration journey around the frontier?

Buffalo Bounty Slot Game
Buffalo Bounty Slot Game Screenshot

Safari Stampede

African wildlife has been a source of inspiration for a lot of creators about the globe, and Safari Stampede is no exception. The game will transport you to the magical world of savannas and rainforests filled with all types of majestic animals ready to assist you out land a large win as you spin the reels of this fauna-inspired online video slot. The game attributes all kinds of animals, creating it a genuine treat not only for animal lovers but also for brave adventurers who’re ready to go on a journey towards the globe of beautiful however dangerous creatures that roam our planet. The captivating design of Safari Stampede is accompanied by a rhythm-filled however relaxing soundtrack inspired by music produced for Lion King.

Shinobi Wars

Inspired by the popular manga and anime Naruto, Shinobi Wars™ will put you in to the great globe of ninjas. Spin the reels of this slot to train with legendary shinobis and win hefty prizes as you learn new techniques with Naruto and his friends..

The game is influenced by the well-liked manga drawing style, so most of the game’s symbols are extremely distinct and colourful. If you are a fan from the popular series, you are going to enjoy the company of one’s favourite characters and their distinctive powers as you spin the reels.

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