Desktop VS Mobile Online Casinos: Who Wins?

Desktop vs mobile online casinos

Remote gambling had gone a long way from the days when you had to phone a bookmaker to place a bet. At the time, that was the closest thing you could get to gambling without actually being present at a gambling facility. And then online casinos came and changed the way we gambled forever. Today, online casinos are extremely popular with US players, while their popularity continues to rise. Gamblers across the States, but worldwide as well, regularly play online everything from slots to blackjack and roulette.

If you’re a fan of online casinos, you are surely aware that mobile casinos are the next big thing in the industry. To be honest, they were the next big thing but have since become mainstream. Now, mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets) are used more than desktops, and the same trend has taken the world of online gambling by storm.

How do desktop and mobile casinos compare against each other? What are their advantages and disadvantages, and who will be the ultimate winner in this battle? We are here to provide an answer.


When mobile gambling first appeared, it was a novelty, but it didn’t offer an acceptable playing experience. And the reason for it was simple: smartphones back then didn’t have sufficient processing power to handle complex games. So players were offered an experience that was significantly lighter on visuals. It was much slower when compared to a desktop device, and most importantly, it was less satisfying.

Today, the experience offered by mobile casinos is essentially similar to the one provided on desktop. When you compare the number of available games on the two, the desktop is still better. However, the graphical aspect, playing experience, and everything else is the same for both in terms of quality. In some cases, a mobile version of a casino is even better than its desktop variant.

Mobile allows players in the US to enjoy their games whenever and wherever they feel like it. More importantly, the quality of their playing experience is the same as the one they get on a desktop. It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking a train home, having something to eat, or just feeling bored. You can take out your phone and start playing in only a couple of seconds.

Mobile gaming offers two main options. You can use in-browser casinos or apps to gamble. With the former, you only need to type the casino’s internet address in your phone’s browser, open a new account (or log in to the existing one) and enjoy your favorite game. The process doesn’t require any additional software, although web browsers have certain limits and may affect the overall experience. When you visit a casino’s website, your device will display the site’s content (games included) in a way that best suits the size of your screen.

Many players prefer to use mobile apps for gambling. These apps are usually free to download and install, and in most cases, deliver a more immersive, engaging, and realistic playing experience. Some apps allow players from the US to transform their devices into an unparalleled casino experience. If available at your online casino, the app will offer an option for live casino gaming. You can use it to enjoy live dealer games and the realistic experience they provide. Keep in mind that the selection of games may not match the one you’ll find on desktop versions of online casinos. Nevertheless, mobile has grown to become a worthy rival to the traditional experience online casinos offer. The best Mobile Casino app we can recommend is the one of Slotocash Casino.


The main advantage that mobile has over desktop is that it allows slot enthusiasts to enjoy their games on the go. Apart from that, the experience is pretty much the same. However, the key exception is the number of games. At the moment, desktop online casinos have a much bigger offer of casino games, but this is rapidly changing.

If you prefer to gamble using a desktop, you’ll be treated to a full online casino experience, together with a wide selection of games. Let’s take slot games as an example. Many popular releases don’t have a mobile-compatible version. So, playing them on your desktop is the only way to fully enjoy them and make the most out of your playing experience.

On the other hand, many players claim that gambling on mobile is way too small. The screen size doesn’t suit them, the button size can also cause problems, along with many other practical issues. Some players from the States say they cannot use their phones for gambling because they have fat fingers!

When playing on a desktop, you can benefit not only from the screen size but also from the best visual quality. Combine that with innovative game engines available in today’s slots and rewarding features, and it’s pretty easy to see why many choose desktop over mobile.

However, a desktop is not as convenient as a mobile. You don’t need a plug point, and you certainly don’t need to set up your device to enjoy playing online casino games. But, if you’re at home, work, or college, you’re likely to choose to play on a desktop to have a complete playing experience. On desktops, we prefer to play Bovada online casino games.

In the end, it all comes down to your choice. Both desktop and mobile casinos have their pros and cons, and they all have a bright future ahead of them. Mobile may have the edge if you prefer to enjoy your games on the go. Every reputable casino has a mobile version of its site, although some slot games may not be accessible from your smartphone or tablet. You can always combine the two, depending on the situation. And who wins? We strongly believe that all online casino players are winners, as they get to benefit from a wide variety of gambling options.

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