Get Ready for a Wheel of Surprises: Evolution’s Red Door Roulette Introduces the Crazy Time Bonus

Red Door Roulette Game Show

Red Door Roulette is now offered in numerous gaming companies’ live casinos. This new Evolution offering combines the thrilling elements of Lightning Roulette with the renowned Crazy Time bonus game.

Similarly to Lightning Roulette and XXXtreme Lightning Roulette, Red Door Roulette uses a single-zero European wheel, with straight-up bets receiving multipliers. However, the main difference is that these bets can also trigger the Crazy Time Bonus. Straight-up bet winners receive a 19:1 payout, similar to Lightning Roulette, providing an exciting twist on the traditional roulette game. The Crazy Time bonus game is designed in the same manner as the original Wheel of Fortune game.

The Fusion of Lightning and Crazy Time in Red Door Roulette

Like Lightning Roulette, Red Door Roulette uses a system where specific numbers are given extra weight during each round. These selected numbers in this game, though, are marked with a “key.” If the roulette ball lands on a number containing this key, players who bet straight up on that number enter the room hidden behind the Red Door.

The Crazy Time wheel is a game that fans of live casinos are familiar with, hidden beyond the mysterious red door! Players do not need to select between green, blue, or yellow flappers in this version of Crazy Time, unlike the classic version. There’s only one, and the Red Door Roulette presenter starts the bonus round with a single button press.

The wheel displays a range of multipliers, from 20 times the first bet to an astounding 4,000 times the initial stake. The multiplier shown on the wheel will be applied to the wager of those participating in the bonus game. Fans of Crazy Time and Lightning Roulette will find Red Door Roulette the perfect option because of its distinctive feature set.

Unveiling the Thrilling World of Crazy Time Bonuses

What’s hidden behind the mysterious Red Door? It’s the doorway to the thrilling Crazy Time Bonus area, where a massive 64-segment wheel teeming with multipliers and chances to double them up awaits you.

All of the multipliers on the Crazy Time wheel are changed following any multiplier that is applied to the Bonus Number. The flapper will identify the winning segments when the wheel stops, and the multiplier will be added to the player’s winnings.

Additionally, all of the multiplier values on the wheel will double, and the wheel will start moving again if the flapper lands on the DOUBLE section.

Red Door Roulette, currently available at several gaming providers, combines Lightning Roulette with Crazy Time. To get the Crazy Time Bonus, players must wager on specific numbers. The famous Crazy Time wheel, which has exhilarating multipliers—some of which can quadruple for extra excitement—is located behind the Red Door. For lovers of live casino gambling, it’s a must-try since it offers a unique blend of excitement and creativity.

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