Light&Wonder Launches Stargate Megaways

Stargate Megaways Slot

Light&Wonder, formerly known as Scientific Games, has released its first slot under the new moniker. Stargate Megaways is a fascinating intergalactic adventure that will open a new business era for the prominent provider. The latest six-reel slot that promises a memorable playing experience is based on a movie hit Stargate. It contains the characters and images from the franchise with numerous innovative features and mechanics. Additionally, the game will have players going up a Stargate trial every time they record a consecutive win. Unlocking one of three Free Spins rounds and modifiers keeps players on the edge of their seats throughout the game.

When the players reach the fifth trail segment, they will trigger a random modifier that enhances their chances. Up to seven free spins are on the horizon for the lucky punters. There are several modifiers, including Wild and Expanding Reels, Random Wilds, Mystery symbols, and Regenerate, that awards a respin. The grid is cleared, and the same number of Megaways is in place when it occurs. Moreover, if some of the last three segments are reached, Star Coordinates will align, letting players enter distant worlds. Five to seven spins with lucrative modifiers to boot are in store for the punters.

Great Expectations

Whether the first slot after the rebrand will fulfill the expectations the company officials have remains to be seen. Rob Procter, Vice President of Game Development at Light&Wonder, has said the game looks to be a big hit. Whatsmore, it is expected to become one of the year’s most prominent slots, flipping the Megaways concept on its head. Stargate Megaways is nothing like any such game played before, introducing the famous developer’s new name with a bang. The enterprise wants to start strong as a new brand, and the representatives are sure this game will help them do it.

The Stargate franchise has been active for almost thirty years, and the company is thrilled to bring it into the new space. Light & Wonder intends to cement its front-running market position, and this slot out of this world will be instrumental in doing so. Such slots will be vital in establishing the enterprise as the leading cross-platform company in the industry. Furthermore, the smash-hit TV show Stargate SG-1 celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2022, so it is natural to follow it with a smash-hit game. The developer hopes the game will be a great success, and all the elements of a good title are there.

Global Phenomenon

The officials expect a fresh approach to delight the punters, utilizing their love for the franchise. Stargate is a global phenomenon, and it is natural to explore new possibilities for the brand. Robert Marick, Executive Vice President of Global Consumer Products at MGM, has noted Stargate still has a worldwide resonance. We will be able to bring the series to its old and new fans in another form via the partnership with Light & Wonder. The company is looking forward to seeing this revolutionary game’s impact on the fans. MGM will not wait long, for the game has already gone Live with numerous operators across the industry. It is anticipated the fans of the franchise will relish the opportunity to encounter their heroes once again.

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