Online Slot Game Pays Out $100,000 Jackpot at Bovada Casino

One fortunate player from Illinois hit the jackpot playing an online slot game at Bovada Online Casino final week. Whilst playing Large Cash Win, a fundamental 3-reel slot with no bonus attributes, Taylor K. managed to trigger the big 1: a jackpot of $100,000. What Large Money Win lacks in bells and whistles, it compensates with large payouts – as you are able to see by the wads of money piled up in the game’s backdrop.

The greatest payouts in Large Cash Win require 3 matching icons to land side by side on the game’s three reels. There’s just 1 payline, which goes straight through the center of the reels, creating it simple to keep track of all of the action – even if you use the “Auto” function. In the event you happen to land 3 ‘Big Cash Win’ game logos on the line while betting max (two $25 coins), you’d win exactly the same amount as Taylor: $100,000. Is that cash big enough for you personally?

Bovada Casino

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