Pariplay Obtains Full iGaming Supplier License in West Virginia


Aspire Global-powered Pariplay, a top-class iGaming content provider and aggregator, has obtained a full license in West Virginia. It means they will be allowed to offer their Fusion aggregation platform, containing more than 3,000 games in its portfolio.

The licensed content providers in the state will now have everything they need in one place. Pariplay had been granted interim certification in West Virginia in January 2021, making their debut in the USA in New Jersey. They have already gone live in NJ, applying for licenses in several other states as well.

The Fusion platform library consists of over 100 Pariplay slot games. The rest is provided by more than 60 most popular studios and up-and-coming developers. Pariplay plans to customize its content appropriately to meet the needs of the US players and satisfy their demands. The US customers will also be offered an exclusive game library.

The USA Is a Priority Market for Aspire Global

The Fusion platform also contains a few extremely helpful tools made to boost marketing efforts. They include Live tournaments, free spins, Spin That Wheel, and a bonus engine. All will soon be certified in the United States. They have already proven to be helpful when it comes to increasing engagement, acquisition, and retention. Thus, they are practically indispensable to any operator aspiring to be at the top of their game.

The land-based suppliers from West Virginia who are making their online debuts are given a practical and innovative solution. The Fusion platform is bound to help them start their online venture in style. The leverage in the market is of vital importance, and Fusion offers a very appealing way to obtain it.

The CEO of Aspire Global, Tsachi Maimon, stated that a full license in West Virginia was an important milestone in the US growth strategy implementation. He said the US iGaming market, given its remarkable growth, was a priority for his company. They are determined to follow all the crucial developments closely and be there when the future happens.

Exceptional Relationships with Partners

The Managing Director at Pariplay, Adrian Bailey, further added that they were making fantastic progress concerning their business strategy. Aside from applying for other licenses, they also established phenomenal relationships with local operators. The license in West Virginia proves that the business plan works well and Bailey is happy to see their hard work bears fruit.

He noted he was excited to work with their new partners from West Virginia and offer them top-notch service with Fusion. They already announced a few new deals with various US platform providers and operators. Bailey is sure everyone will be delighted since the integration process into the platform is flexible, fast, and effortless.

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