Spin the Magic Wheel in 3 Lucky Witches

3 Lucky Wishes Slot Game

Together, Yggdrasil and 4ThePlayer present the exciting game 3 Lucky Witches. Set out on an exciting and eerie journey where players can discover thrills and win rewards, all while enjoying the unique Witches’ Wheel feature.

The Witches’ Wheel might result in Win Spins, Mega Picks, or cash wins in the game. If you land on a mystery spot, you can choose whatever feature you want to win.

For fans looking for amusement and significant prizes, 3 Lucky Witches will become a must-play slot game thanks to its engaging gameplay and abundant winning opportunities.

Enchanting Spells and Electrifying Wins

Five tempting reward tiers are unveiled for players to explore when three or more pumpkin bonus scatters appear. These scatters trigger this intriguing wheel feature. Players could earn as much as 5,000 times their initial wager, which makes for an exciting and possibly profitable experience.

With a 3x multiplier on every win, the Win Spins feature of the game guarantees a range of four to fifteen free spins. Players can choose from five alternatives in the Mega Picks feature, with prizes ranging from fifty to two thousand times the bet.

Each of the three Lucky Witches, whose names were selected by players on social media, has a distinct charm that helps players navigate this unsettling adventure. One of the three can be called upon as the wild symbol.

Players can choose from three Buy Feature modes in areas where it is legal. These modes offer instant access to the thrilling Witches’ Wheel, Win Spins, or the lucrative Pick-a-Win bonus, adding allure to the action.

This game is the thrilling follow-up to 4ThePlayer’s hugely popular 3 Lucky Leprechauns and delivers an exciting seasonal slot experience. Players are submerged in a frightening theme, creating an evocative and engaging gaming experience.

With the help of 4ThePlayer and Yggdrasil, 3 Lucky Witches offers an enthralling experience. Excitation and rewards abound on this spine-tingling adventure, led by the special Witches’ Wheel feature.

Enticing possibilities like cash rewards, Win Spins, and Mega Picks are available on the Witches’ Wheel. Players can select the function they want to use when they land on a mystery spot, which gives the game a more strategic and suspenseful aspect. Get ready for an exciting trip that will captivate you.

A Spellbinding Adventure with Thrilling Gameplay and Seasonal Delights

The Chief Gaming Officer of Yggdrasil, Mark McGinley, commended “3 Lucky Witches” for its traditional gameplay, features that cater to the player’s needs, and significant winning potential. In addition, he said that the Halloween theme for seasonal content and the wheel bonus function increase the game’s appeal to a wide range of players.

The sequel was created with consideration for player and operator feedback, according to Henry McLean, co-founder and director of commercial and marketing at 4ThePlayer. Strong involvement is anticipated with the launch of the captivating Witches’ Wheel, which offers several reward tiers and dynamic player choices. McLean took great satisfaction in introducing this game to operators, which increased its allure.

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