Are Live Casinos Rigged?

Are live casinos rigged?

The recent rise of live casino games in the US has been met with plenty of excitement. However, it has also led many players to wonder just what they can expect from these new game types. What are the odds they are not trying to trick players with unfair roulette wheels and stacked decks? We can understand such concerns, especially since live dealer games are offered by online casinos in other countries.

In this article, we will go through the many most common concerns players have with live casinos. Provided you stick with reputable software providers and online casinos, you should never run into any cheating issues. As a general rule of thumb, any of the websites recommended here at HyperCasinos are safe to play.

live casino dealers are real dealers

The ultimate goal of live casino games is to offer the real-world casino experience from the convenience of your home. You do not have to travel to a brick-and-mortar casino, freshen up, and plan your travel expenses. Having a comparable experience anywhere with an internet connection is great news. Especially for players for who a trip to the casino entails a long drive back and forth.

Many of us carry over that convenience and apply it to live dealer casinos. Because they are so easily accessible, they can seem less professional or valid than their real-world counterparts are. However, that could not be further from the truth. Regulation makes it so that live casino dealers are all trained professionals. The people you see on screen are trained croupiers, the same ones that deal cards in your local brick-and-mortar casino.

Participating in fraudulent games would negatively affect any trained dealer. If it turned out they took part in actively swindling players, their license to work would be revoked. A similar story is true for many live casino software providers as well. However, they have another detail to consider – reputation.

the internet never forgets

Anyone who spends time among online casinos knows how important reputation is. Players talk with each other and are very quick to decry websites that they feel wronged them. If they attempt something shady, players affected by them will raise a stink. Once your reputation is affected negatively in this way, it is very difficult to get rid of it. The internet does not forget such things, after all.

Unlike real-world establishments, online casinos are easy to swap. Even in the United States, the number of websites with a live casino section is constantly increasing. If a casino’s audience is exposed to rigged games, they can easily replace it with a different website. Furthermore, the reputation damage that the casino will experience in the process means it is not worth going down that route.

If you already have a large online casino and an audience, it simply is not worth trying to trick players. There are too many potential downsides for very little gain. Provided you stick to reputable operators and established websites, your odds of running into rigged games is incredibly low. If the website has a license, those chances drop even lower.

the casino always wins (eventually)

Online gambling is very upfront about the advantage casinos have. Read any casino game review. You will notice they frequently feature an RTP or house edge listed in the review. RTP represents how often a player can expect to win. A 96% theoretical RTP translates to the player winning 96 out of 100 rounds on average. The house edge is just an inverse of the RTP. That means a game with a 96% RTP would have a 4% house edge.

Individual players can and do win, which is why all these values are on average. They may vary for one or two casino members. However, when you account for everyone playing these live casino games, the website always comes out on top. Because live dealer titles already have this in-built advantage, the incentive to trick players is much lower. Why risk your reputation and existing audience for some short-term profit? The alternative is much safer and just as lucrative.

Does that mean casinos cheating never happens? Of course not. However, it should not be an issue if you stick to trusted websites with respectable operators.

what to watch for

If you come across a live casino that looks promising, you can use several things to determine its trustworthiness. Your first stop should be Google. Look up reviews and player impressions for that given website. Numerous game review sites will provide you with their take on the online casino as well as what you can expect. Player impressions will also let you know if the website is prone to attempting to trick its customers.

Keep in mind that people with negative experiences are more likely to share them. People overall satisfied with their casino will rarely go out of their way to leave a review on a third-party site. However, if enough complaints are present? You might want to look for a different online casino instead.

Independent certification and testing is another way an online casino can demonstrate its fairness. The iGaming scene has several companies that audit websites and their games to ensure they are operating fairly. Such certifications are usually given out for a six-month to a year, though some companies will issue longer ones too. If you see such a certification, that live casino is probably fair.

Another useful step is to check for licenses issued by gaming regulators. Unfortunately, this is not as useful for US players. Online gambling in the States is still in its infancy and only fully supported in some states. Since the US does not have its regulator, online casinos that accept American players often do not have licenses.

Of course, all these steps are a lot of work. That is why the HyperCasinos team works as hard as it does to review sites for you. Check out any of the online casinos we rated highly, and you will find a safe environment to enjoy live casino games.


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