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Casino games don’t get any easier than Roll the Dice. This traditional dice game is like betting on numbers 1 to seven, and then cashing in whenever you roll your predictions with the game’s three dice. But instead of betting on fundamental numbers, you’re betting on artistically-drawn animations.

The game can also be known as Fish-Prawn-Crab, as these are 3 from the seven symbols you can bet on. The other symbols consist of the Coin, the Rooster, the Calabash, and also the Triple. Any time the symbol you bet shows up on among the 3 dice, you get a 1:1 payout. If among the symbols show up on two dice, you get a 2:1 payout, and if the symbol you bet shows up on all 3 dice, you get a 3:1 payout. That is the case for all of the symbols except the Triple.

The Triple icon is the square with 3 dice. Betting on it’s betting that the 3 dice you’re about to roll will share matching outcomes. It doesn’t matter which symbol it’s, you can land 3 Roosters, or three Crabs – it does not matter. In the event you bet the Triple, and 3 matching icons are rolled, you get a 30:1 payout. If you effectively bet the Triple on max, you win the game’s maximum payout: $15,000.

To kickstart the game, click the Play button. At that point, the dice are placed under a virtual bowl, shielding them from sight. Then, simply bet between $1 and $500 on any combination of animations you want. They’re all displayed on the screen in squares. If you make any errors, simply make use of the Clear or Undo button to remove your bets. As soon as you are prepared to roll the dice, tap the bowl or drag it around; they’ll start to shake under the bowl. After rolling the dice, successful guesses are paid out.

There’s no technique for Fish-Prawn-Crab; wins are according to luck, creating it a distinctive addition to the strategy-heavy Table Game choices. See what creatures bring you probably the most luck by playing Fish-Prawn-Crab today at Bovada Casino.

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