Club World Casino – Blacklisted!

Club World Online Casino

This Casino is blacklisted for licensing issues, payment issues and suspected fraud.

Club World Casino has been making a name in the online casino world since 2004. Powered by Real Time Gaming Software, Club World offers a fresh approach to the market by a clean layout offering over 120 of the finest slots and table games. At Club World Casino, they understand the value of your patronage and strive to establish a deep and honest relationship. For any question or concern that you may encounter, you are guaranteed a prompt and personal reply by the professional customer support team. Club World casino accepts all players (including U.S.A.) and most commonly accepted payment methods. The current Slot Bonus is a whopping 300% match up to $3000,-FREE welcome bonus. Club World Casino is the winner of the 2015 iGB Award: “Best USA Friendly Casino”

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35 thoughts on “Club World Casino – Blacklisted!”

  1. Because the admin of this site is working, no hesitation very soon it will be well-known, due to its quality

  2. we love slot games but these didn’t live up to our expectations.
    the games are interesting but it is very difficult to get any credits built up or to get any bonus games.
    we found one game that let us win consistently but would lose all our credits on the others.
    On the plus side there is a good variety of games.

  3. I love playing the slots on my computer and this casino has a lot of fun games on it. I play for hours playing different games. I love it.

  4. You can read all the other reviews; they are true. This is the software feels like many ‘real’ casino slot machines. The sounds and look are the same as many of the casino games.

  5. This casino is nice for slot software.
    Can’t afford to go to casinos, so I play for free at home.
    I haven’t deposited real money yet, but will soon maybe.

  6. I loved these slots just like the ones at the real casinos .. and it worked great

  7. this was just as i imagined very addictive to play i will recommend this game to any who play slots

  8. My grandpa loves this game. He plays all the time at the casinos and was thrilled to see this on his computer.

  9. Really like the graphics and slot machine options on this casino. These slots are almost sames as currently in most Casinos and they run great.

  10. Everyone should try this casino.. It is with all the games you enjoy playing. I take it on my mobile and so enjoy it. So many games to choose from.

  11. This is a great casino! I have 6 or 7 other casinos downloaded and this one is by far the best. It’s got the best graphics and is the closest to actually being at the casino. I have played or seen nearly every one of the slot games in a casino recently so that makes it more realistic as well.

  12. This casino is lots of fun. There is nothing on TV so my wife and I play these games sometimes for hours. It is more fun than Vegas.

  13. this was just as i imagined very addictive to play i will recommend this to any who play slots

  14. It has lots of new games and it is very fast. This one is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

  15. Slots! It downloaded fast and works fine. My husband loves Slots and he loves this as much as any of them.

  16. I am enjoying these games as much as I do playing them at the casinos. I will be playing more!!!

  17. Twister & Margarita's

    I have won big time money’s from this casino and have only played it for a month. It is a lot of fun to play.

  18. I like Club World it also is like the real casino. I live in a dry state so I am really enjoying it.

  19. It has all the games I like to play at the casino. This is a better find than some of the others. Worth the install

  20. I like some of the games on this casino. Most are not interesting and would better suit a much younger person.

  21. I loved this casino; it is just like the real casino games. This is a fun version ways to played the slot at home.

  22. This casino is alot of fun. It has a great variety of games to choose from and they are all exactly like the ones in the casinos. Most of them are favorites of mine so I really enjoy playing them. My family loves it too.

  23. I downloaded this for a gift for my grandfather. He LOVES it!Certainly worth opening an account! Club World installed quickly and the entire registration process was very simple!

  24. This is the second casino I’ve played at, and it’s fun! I like the simple installation. After a year of battling computer crashes lousy customer support, this company now has my business! Graphics a touch less
    then Microgaming, but the bonus games are just as much fun.

  25. There’s some good variety in this casino.
    I’ve tried craps, baccarat, blackjack and a couple of the poker variants.
    There’s some fun to be had here, and its worth a try for casual gaming.

    I already had one crash so far while loading baccarat on Win7 64-bit running at 1280×960 video mode. Although crashes are annoying, crash recovery was good – settings preserved, bankroll unchanged. When I attempted to load baccarat a second time, the game functioned as expected.

    User Interface:
    User interface is quite usable with a couple of drawbacks. In some games, it is difficult to see the “hot spot” to drop your bet, in most games, when you drag a chip over a secion of table, the section highlights showing you what happens if you place your chips there.

    Hats off to the guys that worked hard on this.

  26. This casinos is in many ways very similar to other RTG casinos when it comes to ease of use, playability and attention to detail. The movements of the wheels is somewhat less fluid and natural than previously, and the “bounceback” when the reels stop is in my mind slightly exaggerated. All in all though the casinos provides fun and enjoyment and is well worth the download. However I cant say that this is a 5 star game, the premium quality is attention to detail and being as genuine a simulation of slots as possible and here they dont quite achieve that in my mind – 4 stars must suffice, and even the fourth star is dimmed and lacks lustre.

  27. Another great pack of RTG games! They only keep getting better. This casino has some great games. I also like that they include some mechanical reel games too, for some reason I really like playing these machines. But don’t get me wrong I like the video games too. All in all I can play this casino for hours, works great on my comp, and I love playing some jackpots too! Love it.

  28. I’ve been playing this casino and it’s alot of fun! works great on my machine. I would recommend having a seperate video card to play this game properly.
    I love every slot game from this company and this is as good as any of the games I have previously owned.
    I don’t see reason for negative negative review. Highly recommended!

  29. Our latest favorite! Don’t let the name fool you. This casino offers all players from all over the world a chance to try their luck at over 120 great games. Our first impression was really good! Helpful staff, nice clean design and quality RTG software offers great possibilities among the many online casinos nowadays.

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