Roger Ver Launches Bitcoin Cash Casino

Longtime cryptocurrency advocate Roger Ver has expanded his on-line gambling web site to accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wagering.

Final September, Ver’s cryptocurrency portal launched Bitcoin Games, an web casino platform that utilized the old legacy Segwit Bitcoin (BTC) token. The platform has now branched out with a BCH-compatible variation, Bitcoin Cash Games, offering precisely the same online casino encounter but with vastly lower charges.

As Ver’s official announcement in the launch stressed, “the BCH network and currency has confirmed itself to be reliable whilst also providing transaction charges so affordable ($0.01 or a lot much less) they’re virtually non-existent.”

Bitcoin Money Games’ offering consists of provably fair video poker, keno, craps, roulette, dice, slots and blackjack games, every providing a 99% expected return. There’s also a referral strategy that enables players to earn as a lot as 25% from the site’s house edge by enlisting new players.

Usage of the platform (and its native Android mobile app) is completely anonymous, and consequently demands no registration. However, US residents are restricted to free-play action with ‘test credits’ due to their government’s reliably paranoid regulatory environment.

Ver, who was affectionately dubbed ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ for his early advocacy of cryptocurrency adoption, has much more than the previous year turn out to be an much more ardent advocate for BCH. Nowadays, Ver might more accurately be described as ‘Bitcoin Moses’ for assisting to lead his individuals out of BTC bondage toward the BCH promised land.’s choice to expand its on-line casino’s attain towards the growing BCH neighborhood was undoubtedly driven at least in component by BTC users’ unwillingness to pay via the nose for every spin in the roulette wheel.

In fact, Ver might be better served by shuttering the original Bitcoin Games platform and redirecting its clients to hyperlinks exactly exactly where they can convert their increasingly anachronistic Segwit BTC tokens for BCH, aka the cryptocurrency that people really use.

Regardless, heartily congratulates Ver for supplying the BCH neighborhood with another solid on-line casino choice and wishes him luck in his newest endeavor. (Hey, does this short article imply we qualify for the referral plan?)

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