What Is a High Roller?

High Roller

Anyone who spent some time in the online casino space will have heard of the term high roller. The term has been used in casinos for a long time and got carried into the online setting. A high roller is a shorthand for players who play with high stakes. They are treated like VIPs in many online casinos because of the massive numbers they bet every round.

Of course, the exact definition of a high roller varies between operators. Everyone classifies it somewhat differently. Because of that, this article will be more of a general guide rather than discussing the specifics. We will go over what high rollers are, what benefits they receive, and if you even want to be one.


A high roller is a term for a VIP player in online or land-based casinos. These players deposit and wager more enormous sums than most other casino members. These players are valuable for online casinos, which is why many do everything they can to attract them.

Gaining high roller status varies between online casinos. Every website has its rules on how players achieve that VIP status. Some websites will not grant special rewards for high rollers at all. Online casinos usually look at several factors when checking for high roller status.

The most obvious is the amount that the player wagers. Massive bets are the most straightforward indicator that a player is a high roller. How much they deposit is also essential. Operators will also consider how old your account is and your previous behavior. Casinos do not tolerate bonus abuse and rule breaking for anyone, including high rollers.


Attaining the coveted high roller status can take some time. However, unlocking it allows you to benefit from several goodies regular casino members cannot receive. The most apparent addition is exclusive bonuses. That includes improved versions of existing promotions and completely new bonuses. A frequent example of this is cashback promotions only available to VIP players. However, this can also extend to free spins, deposit match bonuses, and more.

Casinos with tournaments will usually offer exclusive VIP tournaments to high rollers. As you might expect, VIP tournaments play into the bigger budget high rollers have. Buy-in costs tend to be higher, but the prizes are equally mouth-watering. The smaller number of players also makes your odds of winning the competition much higher.
High rollers can look forward to top-tier treatment from customer service. Players who unlock the special status usually get rewarded with a personal account manager. That means they do not have to wait for someone in the support team to become free to answer their question or solve their problems. A VIP player can contact their account manager to have whatever problem they have resolved.

Most online casinos limit how much you can deposit and withdraw in a single round. High rollers usually receive higher limits, allowing them to play with massive amounts of money. Alongside increased limits, VIP players typically wait less time for the casino to approve or deny their transaction.

Finally, players who unlock high rollers get access to unique VIP tables. These tables have increased table limits to accommodate the bigger budgets high rollers have. What kind of VIP table you get varies between software providers. Some offer the same game with higher betting limits. Other developers make exclusive games made explicitly for VIP players.


If you are in the position to be a high roller, the next important question is if you want to be one. This question can seem like a no-brainer. After all, high rollers get various extra bonuses standard players do not. Improved promotions, exclusive bonuses, VIP tournaments, higher table limits, a personal account manager, and increased limits are all high roller benefits. Each of them is helpful if you plan to throw your money around.

However, gambling should never be more than a hobby. Being a high roller is expensive, and it is not for everyone. Unless you can afford to be one, we recommend erring on the side of caution. Only start down this path if you are 100% confident you can afford to be a high roller. If you are confident you’re ready for high roller status, we can recommend Slotocash Online Casino, which has one of the best High Roller service programs we’ve ever experienced!


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