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Bovada Online CasinoBovada online casinos currently offer over 100 games to its growing community of players. Everything you always expected and everything you can possibly hope for is there in the Bovada casino. Pick your favorites among the large list of exciting table games and play the old favorites too – Blackjack to progressive jackpots in the online videoslots! Download or play in your browser – you get the same quality and game variety. Learn new games by following professional tutorials in the casino school and play for fun or cash.

Customer service will be a Bovada hallmark as the team aims to respond quickly and professionally. Trained casino hosts (not just operators sitting by some callcenter) will know your account and the game you are playing. And if you have questions about a slot game or playing some blackjack, you can do it all from your casino account. Single account, single focus on your satisfaction. Right now, Bovada offers a superb welcome bonus up to $3000 free, so now’s the time to try out his great casino.


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19 Responses

  1. Bianco Ann

    Great games to play when you are stuck indoors or just plain bored. Great selection of games.
    Just plain fun.

  2. Charlene Nutella

    Just as I expected. This is a really good slot machine variety. I would certainly recommend this to anyone who likes slots .

  3. DEES

    These games are just like the real games at the casino, only I don’t lose money with these! Definitely recommend.

  4. Elliott

    slot games are good. Except takes too long for the newest slot games to be released. more slot games should come out sooner.

  5. Ruth Beck

    Great replica’s of casino slot machine. When you’re broke you will easily deposit more from your computer. Hoping to find son more slots to play on PC

  6. Jerry Wint

    I put this on the PC for my wife because she loves to play he real game in Atlantic City. We didn’t expect so much games and were pleasantly surprised.

  7. Dianne3

    This is truly an amazing set of slot games. I can’t find anything else PC wise to compare in slots. It is just like being at the casino, and it keeps me playing for hours. Very addicting. I LOVE IT!!!!

  8. Boy Tim

    I have really enjoyed this casino. The graphics of the slots are
    just like the big machines in the casino. It’s fun to
    play and good for hours of entertainment.
    I have not been disappointed at all and would recommend to anyone
    who likes current casino style games.

  9. Eduard

    The slot games are almost exactly like the real slot machines. When playing various games, there are multiple types of the same game. The variety is good but it could be better. It’s definitely worth it though.

  10. Batman

    I was a bit leery before since I had never downloaded a casino like this. I have been playing slots for a while so I took a chance on a good product and was happily surprised.
    There is a good variety of games with some fun bonus games (the real reason I like to play slots)
    If you like slots, this is a great casino.

  11. Lisa

    Love this casino. I love Bodog and many of the games at this casino and have been very happy with it. For anyone with a new computer — I loaded this casino onto a new laptop recently which has Windows 7. It didn’t load perfectly on the new laptop, but I was quickly prompted by my new laptop/software to download a windows update after loading this game. Once I downloaded the update it worked great with Windows 7.

  12. Randall

    I used to play a lot at various casinoas and was really looking forward to this one. When I read the description I listed the positives and negatives of this casino. POSITIVE — It contains some of my favouriet slots. NEGATIVE — It contained a lot of reel machines, not as many video reels as other casinos, and some of the reels were duplicates of others.

    However when I installed the software I found a lot more negatives on this casino.

    1.The video reels do not stop well. In some spins reel two will stop before reel one. In quite a few spins, reels three through five stop at the same time. And this is with a new computer, configured for game play.

    2.The sound effects for some slots are all messed up. The sounds used when you hit a line pay are completely out of order. It really throws the experience off if you hit a pay that is double your bet but you’re getting this weird sound.

    Since I really like some slots, and since the game play is reasonably close to the real casino experience, I can’t give it one star. But if you’re expecting the same quality like Microgaming you will be sorely disappointed.

  13. Hessler

    As a standalone, the Bodog Casino games are pretty nice. The games are fun and Bodog has had better video slots than Slotochash for a long time.

    If you want to just play at a standalone casino, I would suggest this one because it has real life sports betting too, ie NFL, NHL, College, etc…

    The one downside, once you have everything installed the first time and you try to go online, it may take a while to download other parts of the program (this process is automatic), but if you are still using dial-up, this program is not for you. But trust me, if you like the Casino experience, it will be worth the wait!

  14. Nicholas

    This casino with it’s practice mode is great for someone trying to learn new casino games and perfecting the games you already know. Some days the slots pay out and some days they don’t. When playing poker some days you get good cards and others you don’t, just like the real deal. I’d play there again if i had the chance!

  15. Walter

    Great casino games. The menu is a little bit different than other casino I know but it is easy to get used to. Alot of fun.

  16. Lilly

    I actually really really like the games of bodog casino. It took me a while to realize you now have to go to bodoglife.com.

  17. Booombox

    Personally, I do not like Bodog. Why? Because I also enjoy sports betting and their odds and lines are not advantageous to the player. I believe them to be a reputable site, but I do not like them.

  18. Raven M

    Downloaded this to pass some time and found the slot games very realistic, even has bonus games which alot of the online slots do not have. like the variety of slots to pick from, Has a competition game if thats your thing. Overall would recomend this casino to others.

  19. admin

    Founded in 1994 and formerly know as Bodog.com Entertainment, Bovada is one of the world’s fastest growing media and digital entertainment giants. Bovada brings a legacy of perfect payouts and unbreakable security to the casino floor. Equipped with the latest high-tech systems, they make sure your account dollars and your personal information is safe. They go above and beyond with independent audits and review from Technical Systems Testing and Gaming Associates. Play safe and win safe at Bovada with a casino platform geared for high performance and reliability.
    The online casino is meant to be fun and meant to offer you a chance to pocket some winnings. What’s the point if the software glitches or you can’t get paid? Bovada understands this is the most important step and acts accordingly.

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