Are Live Casinos Overtaking Land-Based Casinos in the US?

Live Dealer Casinos

The continued success of live casinos has impressed many US-based players. In a very short time, live dealer games have made quite a splash. This success has led many to wonder if live casinos have the potential to overtake land-based casinos in the United States. After all, there are so many factors working in favor of live dealer games.

As it turns out, land-based casinos will not give up without a fight. Both sides have their upsides, and use them to maximize their advantage. Which type of casino will come out on top?

Live casino upsides

Fans of live casinos will quickly point out all the great things it brings. Live casinos offer unparalleled convenience. You can play casino games whenever you want, provided you have an internet connection. You can play on your phone, tablet or PC. You can play at home or while commuting to work. Do you have a long trip to go through? Fire up your favorite live casino game and start playing. There is no need to travel or get ready. Just launch the game and have fun!

Another area live casinos excel at is game choice. This can depend on the online casino you choose. However, live casinos have a wide selection of fantastic releases we can play. This includes all the popular table games like live blackjack, baccarat and poker. Live roulette is also popular, with both American and European variants being represented.

Live casino games are not just limited to existing game types, either. Players can also enjoy brand new game types to make the magic happen. We are of course talking about the game show category, which was pioneered by Evolution. We have also seen developer experiment with variants for existing games that would be impossible for real world casinos. Live slots and multiplier bonuses for blackjack and roulette are all live casino exclusives.

Additionally, live dealer games are a lot more straightforward with your expected returns and cash prizes. Live casino games display this information because they are competing with all other releases. If a title has a high RTP, it wants you to know this. Almost every live casino release we came across has all payouts and its house edge listed somewhere. If you want to know all the details regarding the games you will be playing, definitely consider live casinos.

land-based casino advantages

If live casinos offer convenience, then land-based casinos offer an experience. Playing a game on your desktop or phone cannot compare to being there in person. Live dealer releases do their best by using actual dealers who interact with players. That simply does not compare with the dealer and other people being in front of you and around you. There is a reason many players take the pilgrimage to Las Vegas despite having online casinos. Being there is simply different.

Additionally, gambling has not been overturned everywhere in the United States. The Supreme Court decision allowed states to regulate their gambling laws individually. Great news if your state has chosen to legalize gambling and open its doors for live casinos. However, if you live in a state where this is still illegal, your only option are land-based casinos. Now, you could try to play online casinos regardless. However, that would be breaking your local state law and could land you in some hot water. Compared to that, land-based casinos do not seem very bad.

Land-based casinos also have the home field advantage. For many players in the US, casinos are an activity you go to do. Of course, this trend has reversed to a degree with the internet becoming more prevalent in our lives. Not to mention recent events with COVID have moved many of our pastimes online. However, for many, this was a temporary change. As soon as brick-and-mortar casinos began to reopen, they were flooded with people who wanted to play.

One factor to consider is that land-based casinos employ more people and in turn, generate more revenue for the state. As such, some states may drag their feet on authorizing more live casinos in order to protect their revenue. We doubt this advantage will last forever, but it is worth noting.

the future of live casinos

Land-based casinos still have a strong position. However, that could change quickly. Right now, only a couple of states have allowed live casinos to operate in their borders. As time goes on, we can definitely see more states allowing their citizens to play in live casinos. It will not happen very quickly, as some US states are incentivized to give real-world casinos an advantage. However, it is an inevitable change that has to happen eventually. The sooner it happens, the better.

That said, live casinos will not be able to match the experience of going to a land-based casino anytime soon. Especially if you combine going to the casino with a trip somewhere you have never been before. By contrast, live casinos are limited to the screen of your device. Phones, tablets and desktops are good, but they cannot recreate the experience of being in the actual venue. Live dealer games are good at giving you something similar, but it falls short of the real thing.

However, that may not be the case for long. We are already seeing huge advances in VR and augmented reality technology in the last few years. Live casino software providers have also been keeping up with this trend. While they have yet to launch anything officially, we have heard plenty of insider rumors about the subject. SlotsMillion casino gave us a preview of what this could look like with their own virtual reality casino. Unfortunately, the operator does not accept US players, so you cannot see what it looks like just yet.

who comes out on top?

We do not see a world in which live casinos do not eventually win over. However, that does not mean land-based venues will disappear completely. Brick-and-mortar casinos will persist, though it is safe to say there will be fewer of them going forward. As laws restricting online casinos are repealed across the country, we will see more players opt for convenience over experience. If the future is as bright as it seems, live casinos may catch up in that aspect, too.

If that happens, it will place real-world casinos at a permanent disadvantage. Live casinos already have more casino games and unique releases you cannot play in land-based venues. If VR eventually allows live casinos to offer a similar experience to a physical casino? There will be very few reasons to visit one. However, virtual reality getting that good is a long way’s off. For the immediate future, these two casinos will continue coexisting in tenuous harmony.


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