Which Online Casino Has the Best App?

Best online casino app

Many casinos and operators did not immediately support smartphones when they first launched. However, as phones and tablets became more widespread, online casinos started launching apps for these devices. Through these apps, players can enjoy the same games they could enjoy on their personal computers. However, casino apps did not have a smooth path in the future. Both Google and Apple banned downloading apps through their app stores at one point.

While Google has recently revised the policy in some countries, many online casinos got around the problem in two ways. Some operators offered players apps they had to sideload on their phones, which was a security risk. Instead, Most online casinos made their games available directly from the website. Today, all of the highest-rated online casinos on our website no longer use apps. Instead, playing on your mobile devices all happens through the browser.


Bovada has been the casino to choose for some time for players from the United States. That remains true even if you play on mobile! Everything that makes Bovada casinos great is available if you play on your tablet or smartphone. The fantastic promotions and the welcome offer, the number of games, and the excellent user interface are still present on mobile. Hats off to the team for making it work!

We especially like how Bovada preserved its numerous game categories and filter lists. Thanks to that, you can easily find any release you are interested in. The website handles itself well on all mobile devices, without hitches or slowdowns. If you are looking for a top tier mobile experience, Bovada Casino should be your first pick.

Bovada Online Casino


Slotocash remains one of the most popular online casinos among US players. That is impressive, considering the casino was established in 2007. They could not stay at the top without keeping up with the latest trends, including excellent mobile support. Slotocash features an impressive five-part welcome offer, countless promotions, over 100 releases, and top-tier payment methods.
All of these good sides get carried over into Slotocash’s mobile website. You can enjoy the same games, bonuses, and payment methods on computers and mobile devices. Any modern smartphone will have no issues navigating the website or loading the games. If you want to play on mobile, you can look forward to an excellent experience in this casino.


Intertops Classic is another top tier online casino available to United States players. The website has been around since 1996, making it one of the pioneers of online gambling. Intertops Classic did not fall into complacency, however. They continued to improve their product and make it even better. The operator features various promotions, a loyalty program, numerous casino games, and many payment methods, including cryptocurrencies.

Using Intertops Classic’s mobile website means you can take advantage of all these details. The casino ensures platform parity between mobile and desktop. That means your smartphone can take full advantage of everything you enjoy on your computer. When you first launch the casino, it will prompt you to install it as a web app. You can directly launch the online casino using the web app from your phone’s home screen. Loading times are low, and the casino optimized the user interface for touchscreens.

Intertops Classic Casino


Miami Club Casino is a relative newcomer to the scene. The website launched in 2012, when smartphones and mobile gambling were already in full swing. The casino quickly won over customers with its excellent offer. There are many bonuses, over 200 games, and support for fiat and cryptocurrencies, making Miami Club a great pick. And the best thing about this website? All of these goodies are available to mobile users, too.

Like Intertops Classic, the operator offers an identical experience for computers and smartphones. You can play the same games and enjoy the same promotions on your phone and tablet, regardless of their operating system. Miami Club also gives you the option to install it as a web app. One tap on the web app, and you will launch the casino immediately! Browsing the website is smooth as butter, and games load very quickly.


US Players looking for a grand casino to play in can sign on with Casino Extreme. Founded in the year 2000, the website remains a popular pick for many casino members. It is easy to see why that is. The casino is home to an excellent selection of promotions and various games. It also supports a heap of great payment methods! All of this is available in desktop and mobile versions of the website.
Launching the website on your smartphone or tablet and logging in is all you need to play Casino Extreme. The casino loads quickly and is smooth to browse on all recently launched devices.


Despite the convenience of running everything through the website, some players prefer apps. They want one button on the screen to press to launch their favourite casino. No typing in the URL, no swapping tabs or dealing with constant annoyances. Fortunately, a solution is already here! Players can use progressive web apps to achieve a similar effect to installing an app.

Some online casinos already prompt you to add them as a progressive web app, which we already mentioned in the list. Progressive web apps, or PWAs, are built with web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. They behave as a standard app on your device when all they are is a browser tab. Still, it achieves the primary effect most of us want from an app. One tap and you are playing your favourite casino without any browser elements getting in the way.

Installing a PWA is a simple process on both Android and iOS. On Android, access the website and tap the three dots to open a dropdown menu in Chrome. Then, select the ‘Add to home screen’ button. This will install the website as an app on your device. On iOS, press the share button while on the website. Tap ‘Add to Home Screen’, and it will install the website as a PWA app.

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