Dragon Roulette

Dragon Roulette

Dragon Roulette is an exquisite table game created by Dragon Gaming. It is a version of American Roulette with vibrant colors and excellent animation quality. Superbly optimized for all devices, this exciting game offers various betting features. It has an enhanced house edge due to the presence of the double-zero pocket, but it still has plenty to offer.

Where to Play Dragon Roulette

US players who enjoy spinning the wheel can test this game at Desert Nights casino, playing it for free or real money. They can open an account on the spot and check out the game immediately. In addition, the venue’s game portfolio has many more Dragon Gaming titles for you to have an excellent time.

Game Information

The broad betting scope makes this game attractive for high rollers and penny-pinchers alike. Ranging from $1 to $500, Dragon Roulette offers multiple exciting perks that will sweeten your rounds. You can choose between the regular wager types, including outside, inside and call bets.

The goal always remains the same, to guess the number where the ball will stop spinning. The payouts for straight bets are 35:1 and 17:1 for split bets, but you should remember the winning odds are relatively low. You can also try Corner, Street and Line bets, while Basket bets are specific for this roulette because of the double zero.

With an RTP of 94.74%, the value is lower than the industry standard due to the double zero pocket mentioned above. Numerous winning opportunities are in store for the players, even though the payouts are not always too lucrative. Place your bets and try your luck; it might be your lucky day.

Dragon Roulette Base Game

While not so unique, this edition of American Roulette delivers a gaming experience to remember. The high-quality design puts you at the table, which occupies less space than in other roulette games. The wagering layout occupies most of the screen, but do not fret. The close-up of the winning pocket appears next to the wheel as soon as the ball stops spinning.

Before spinning the wheel, players place their bets inside the layout, choosing the wagers they want. There are eight chip denominations, valued between $1 and $500. You can see Hot and Cold numbers on the right of the wheel anytime, and if you want to repeat the previous bet, click the green “Rebet“ button. There are 100 supported currencies and 20+ languages you can use.


Besides straight and split bets, you can choose between Red and Black, as well as Odd and Even. Place a Dozen or a Column wager to bet on a particular set of twelve numbers. Street, Line, and Corner bets include wagering on two, three and four adjacent numbers on the table. If you lay a Basket bet, you will win if you land 0, 00, 1, 2 or 3.


Dragon Roulette is another excellent variant of this classic game that aficionados will indubitably enjoy. US players will have a great time, utilizing the fast-paced gameplay, many diverse bets and solid payouts. It will hardly change your life financially, but you can try out numerous bets and grab decent wins.

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