Take Olympus

Take Olympus

Take Olympus is a 5×4 Greek Gods online slot by Betsoft that will let the Gods take over the reign of your reels and apply their powers to them! Each God has his own power so you’ll get Wilds, mystery symbols, win multipliers, free spins and much more!

This game can be played with a large bet per spin as variance is low and your bankroll won’t go down rapidly. With each cycle of 10 spins your game will change as a new God will take over your reels too, so you’ll never get bored!

Where to Play Take Olympus

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Slot information

Bets can range from $0.20 to $45 per spin, and the progress in the game is reset when you change a bet. This makes it possible to reset the progress of your favourite God by choosing a larger bet if you’re not happy with how things are going.

The game is played on a large 5×4 board, with 50 fixed paylines and stacked high-win symbols. The game is played in rounds of 10, as after each cycle of 10 spins a new God will take over the reels.

Theoretical return to player (RTP) of Take Olympus is 95.49%. This is better than what most Realtime Gaming slots offer, but for Betsoft it’s a relatively low value. In any case, this game is worth playing as it has very interesting gameplay and bonus features. This isn’t a high-variance online slot, but more of a low-variance experience in which you’ll be building your bankroll slowly.

Base game

There are 10 total symbols in the game, with no Scatters, and with Zeus acting as a paying symbol, a Wild, and a feature trigger – fit for the God of Gods!

The paytable is a low-variance one as it can’t deliver large wins on a single payline. The four Gods only pay 2x your bet for five-of-a-kind, and Zeus takes this up to 6x, while the five low-win symbols only pay from 0.80x to 1.20x. The best wins in this game will come from bonus features, not from base game play – though there are 50 paylines so multi-payline wins are common.

Every 10 spins, the Cycle of the Gods will start again, and a new God will reign over your reels! Each God has their own special powers that affect gameplay. Each God builds their power over the course of the cycle so you get more of their special powers later in the cycle. Gods are chosen randomly.


During Apollo’s cycle, every Apollo or Bow And Arrow symbol will be marked on the reels. These places will remain marked, and on round 10 all those spaces will turn into Wild symbols!


During Aphrodite’s cycle, every Aphrodite or Leaf symbol will be marked on the reels. These palces will remain marked, and on round 10 they will become Mystery Boxes, including the path between the Mystery Boxes. Then they’ll all be transformed into a single randomly chosen non-Wild symbol.


During Poseidon’s cycle, the number of Poseidon or Trident symbols that appear will contribute to a counter increase by +1. On round 10, Poseidon will award free re-spins equal to the number shown on the counter.


During Hades’ cycle, each Hades or Cerberus symbol that appears on the reels will increase the win multiplier. On round 10 of Hades’ cycle, the resulting multiplier will be applied on the win on that last spin – if there is a win.

Zeus Free Spins

Zeus, in any configuration, is a Wild symbol. When he appears as a 1×4 symbol fully on the reels, he will award 10 free spins if all four other Gods are also present on the reels. Zeus can take on the powers of other Gods, so he’ll do one of the following: award 5+ Wilds (Apollo), pick 5+ symbols to turn them into mystery symbols (Aphrodite), apply a large win multiplier (Hades) or immediately award a random number of additional free re-spins (Poseidon).


Take Olympus is a very interesting online slot that does things a bit differently, and all fans of Greek Gods will really enjoy Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo, Poseidon and Hades applying their powers to the reels!

This is a game that can be played even by beginner slot players as it offers low variance and you likely won’t be losing any money in the long run. The game pays often and is therefore very easy to play even if you never change your bet per spin.

Sign up with Spartan Slots – Take Olympus is a game that lets you play hundreds of spins without losing any money! Don’t waste your time on free play.

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